Aftermath Of Botched Biden Withdrawal: New Oppressive Rules For Afghan Female Students Revealed

On Sunday, the Taliban announced that Afghan colleges will be separated based on gender, and that a new Islamic dress code would be implemented.

Female students will be permitted to study, but not alongside male students, according to Higher Education Minister Abdul Baqi Haqqani.

In addition, he promised a review of the topics that are taught.

Female students were barred from attending schools and colleges under the Taliban’s reign, which lasted from 1996 to 2001.

The Taliban has said that they would not prohibit women from obtaining an education or finding employment. However, after seizing power on August 15, they have ordered all women, with the exception of those working in the public health sector, to refrain from going to work until the security situation improves.

It was just a day ago when the Taliban hoisted their flag above the presidential palace, officially kicking off their government. They took control of the country from the democratically elected government a month ago.

The approach represents a major departure from the widely recognized practice that existed before to the Taliban’s control. Universities were co-educational, with men and women studying side by side, and female students were not required to adhere to a dress code in order to attend class.

Mr Haqqani, on the other hand, was unrepentant about putting a stop to mixed classrooms. “We have no problems in ending the mixed-education system,” he said. “The people are Muslims and they will accept it.”

Some have argued that the new regulations would prevent women from pursuing higher education since institutions lack the means to provide separate courses for men and women alike. The minister maintained that there are enough female instructors available and that, in the event that they are not accessible, substitutes would be sought.

It all depends on the university’s capacity,” he said. “We can also use male teachers to teach from behind a curtain, or use technology.”

The segregation of girls and boys will continue in elementary and secondary schools, as was previously the case across Afghanistan.

Women would be forced to cover their heads with hijabs, although Mr Haqqani did not clarify whether or not further facial coverings would be made mandatory.

In addition, the newly appointed minister said that the topics taught in universities will be re-evaluated.  The minister wants to “create a reasonable and Islamic curriculum that is in line with our Islamic, national and historical values and, on the other hand, be able to compete with other countries,” he told reporters.

Following a protest by women in favor of the Taliban’s gender policy at Shaheed Rabbani Education University in Kabul yesterday, the statement was made.

Hundreds of women, the most of whom wore black niqabs and carried tiny Taliban flags, listened to speeches in which the new government was lauded and those who participated in massive protests throughout the nation seeking the preservation of women’s rights were slammed, according to reports.

The Ministry of Women’s Affairs has been replaced with the Ministry of Vice and Virtue under the current administration.

At one point during the Taliban’s previous reign of terror, this highly feared agency was responsible for sending religious police officers into the streets to impose Sharia law. This organization gained notoriety by beating women for minor offenses such as wearing clothes immodestly or being outdoors without a male guardian present.

Many famous professional women left Afghanistan in preparation of the Taliban’s suffocating rule, which came into effect in April. Aryana Sayeed, the country’s most popular pop singer, was evacuated to the United States aboard a cargo aircraft, while the renowned film director Sahraa Karimi was flown to the Ukraine.

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