Antifa PROTESTS Against Gay Republican’s Trash Clean-Up Event (VIDEO)

Far-left radical Antifa protestors disrupted a trash clean-up event in San Francisco after confusing the event for a “homeless removal campaign.”

The clean-up event was organized by openly-gay Republican activist Scott Presler, who sought to help clean up the infestation of needles and trash on San Francisco’s streets.

Presler’s event attracted a crowd of far-left radical Antifa hecklers who repeatedly shouted “bigot” at Presler and his team.

One of the trash clean-up participants, a Republican drag queen called “Lady Maga” was chased and harassed while he picked up trash on the streets.

“While I was picking up garbage, three people were trailing me,” said Lady Maga.  “This one person, a man wearing a dress type thing was trailing me the entire time. And when we got back here, that person was gone. And shortly thereafter, I was speaking with some other people. And that person in a black mask and black clothes ran by and ripped off my hat. I chased him down to get my hat back. He tripped. And as I grabbed my hat, he upper punched me in the gut as hard as he could and then ran off.”

Lady Maga criticized the LGBT left for calling him a traitor for being against socialist and communist politicians.

On the night of the trash clean-up, Presler encouraged volunteers to register as many people as they know to register to vote for President Trump.

“The Democratic Party is also hellbent on taking away guns from gay people. And my question is why? Why shouldn’t I have the right to protect and defend my existence?” asked Presler to his crowd of supporters. “The Democrats tried to bury us, but they didn’t know that we were seeds. And we are sprouting and we are flourishing.  So what I need from you. Whenever you meet another conservative person, you ask them, ‘Are you registered to vote at your current address?” And if they are not registered, then go to www.Vote.Gov.’”


Steeve Strange

Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.