AOC Stumbles Through Speech On Reviving The Failed Green New Deal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez returns to push a new ‘Green New Deal’ on Tuesday on bill for public house, civilian clime corps and funding for specific cities at a press conference in D.C.

On Monday, Ed Markey announced to Twitter that him and AOC will reintroduce the Green New Deal.

“The climate crisis is a crisis born of injustice, and it is a crisis born of the pursuit of profit at any and all human and ecological cost, which means that we must recognize in legislation that the trampling of indigenous rights is a cause of climate change, that the trampling of racial justice is a cause of climate change because we are allowing people and we are allowing ourselves to make sure we are allowing folks to deny ourselves human rights and deny people the right to health care, the right to housing and education,” AOC claimed.

What we’re going to do is going to make sure that communities like Flint, Baltimore, the South Bronx, St. Louis. Rural communities whose infrastructure was never properly built in the first place, are first in line to rectify the injustices of the past, to make sure that they get everything that they need to thrive in the future. That’s what a Green New Deal (V2) is all about,” AOC continued.

I am reintroducing the Green New Deal and announcing the Civilian Climate Corps with @AOC because we can’t wait to deliver environmental justice, create millions of new jobs, and save our planet for generations to come. We must go bold, be ambitious, and transform our economy,” Markey wrote to Twitter.

AOC called this week as ‘Green New Deal week’ to highlight some plans…

One, is that over a dozen pieces of legislation have been introduced in the House of Representatives, most recently the Civilian Climate Corps and Representative Cory Bush’s Green New Deal for cities have recently been introduced. We also have it Agricultural Resilience Act from Chellie Pingree. We have the Green New Deal for Public Housing, the Bill Green Act, the EV Freedom Act. Many, many pieces of legislation have been introduced adopting the Green New Deal framework of jobs and justice to decarbonize our economy. And not only have they been introduced, but elements have already passed the House. Last year, repeal of the Fair Cloth Amendment, which would end our decades-long ban on construction of new public housing in the United States, passed the House of Representatives. We also had an enormous amount of new and additional,” AOC later stated.