Arizona State University Faces Controversy For Forcing Professors To Fail Students (VIDEO)

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A leaked email alleges that Arizona State University requires professors to fail students.

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Last week, clinical assistant Professor Brian Goegan at Arizona State University sent an email to students in which he alleged that the economics department at ASU requires professors to “prevent at least 30% of students from passing the class.” The alleged fail quota applied to economics classes ECN 211, 212, and 221.

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Tweet containing alleged leaked email by Professor Goegan

Arizona State University denied Goegan’s claims in a written statement:

ASU never requires a professor to fail a certain percentage of students.

Arizona State University

These allegations fall just weeks after the news broke about a nationwide college admissions scandal.

Lori Loughlin, who starred in ‘Full House,’ is one of 16 parents who are facing charges for committing fraud to try to ease their children’s admission to prestigious colleges.

Both of these scandals have significantly damaged the reputation of American universities.

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