Biden Administration Faces Backlash After Military Attacks Tucker Carlson On Govt Accounts

The administration under Democrat President Joe Biden is facing backlash from critics after military officials used official government resources late last week to launch repeated political attacks against Fox News host Tucker Carlson after the host called out some of the administration’s push within the military.

Fox News noted that the US military, under Biden’s leadership, attacked Carlson — a US citizen — by posting at the Department of Defense website that: “Press Secretary Smites Fox Host That Dissed Diversity in US Military.”

US Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant Scott H. Stalker attacked Carlson in the US Space Command’s official government Twitter account, stating that the Fox News’ hosts statements were “not valid” because they were “made by an individual who has never served a day in his life.”

The US Marines’ II MEF Information Group writing on its official government account also blasted Carlson saying: “Get right before you get left, boomer.”

“There was intense backlash online against the Biden administration after the U  Military used its resources to attack a private citizen who called into question the military’s readiness and combat effectiveness,” the report said.

Online backlash

Human Events Managing Editor Ian Miles Cheong called out the move of the military to attack Carlson.

“China’s military is laughing at the US Marines for getting triggered by a TV host and ignoring their military buildup in the Pacific,” Cheong wrote on Twitter.

A Democrat and former CIA officer, Bryan Dean Wright, also wrote a small note for his neighbors.

“With US Marines tweeting partisan views on Gov’t accounts — and keeping their jobs all the while — we’ve crossed a red line. The Republic will not stand long when our military, intelligence, & law enforcement become political tools. We are in desperate trouble,” Wright said.

Meanwhile, others noted how “wild” it is to see such comments from an official US military account.

“Pretty wild to see this tweet from an official US military account,” Melugin said on his post.

Another comment from political strategist Arthur Schwartz said the military should “focus on China” and “not on Tucker Carlson.”

“This is an official DoD Twitter account getting mouthy with a member of the public who told them to focus on China instead of Tucker Carlson. Whoever is manning this Twitter account should be fired. Immediately,” he added.

Media bias against Trump

Meanwhile, some comments also slammed the mainstream media’s coverage.

32-yesr USAF Combat Veteran Rob Maness noted that the move to use official government accounts to criticize a private citizen is “very dangerous.”

“This is very dangerous. This is a 4-star Army General’s official account attacking a civilian citizen and member of the media over a policy disagreement he critiqued the @POTUS for. Stunning failure of leadership @PaulFunk2 @SecDef @USArmy @DoD_IG 

Former acting director of the US National Intelligence lamented how the media appears to be giving the Biden administration free pass on multiple instances.

“If this had happened under Trump there would have already been a congressional hearing,” former acting director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell said.

“Allowing military leaders to be this blatantly political is very dangerous. Responsible Democrats must speak out against this,” she added.

Steeve Strange

Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.

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