Biden Approval Rating Flat — Gets Thumbs Down On Immigration, China, Russia

Democratic President Joe Biden’s approval rating remains flat five months into his presidency, according to latest polls but Americans continue to give him low marks on immigration issues, as well as the way he is dealing with China and Russia. 

A recent Fox News poll found Biden’s approval rating at 56% with 43% disapproving of his overall performance according to the survey conducted on June 19-22. 

In the poll, the Democratic chief executive received 51% approval on handling of the economy, against the 47% who disapproved, while his marks on immigration continue to tank with 41% approving of his performance amidst the persisting border crisis — compared to the 54% disapproving of his work.

Fox said likely fueling Biden’s overall numbers is a 64% approval and 34% disapproval rating on how he’s been handling the coronavirus pandemic. 

Biden also saw his ratings in the negative territory when it comes to handling relations with Russia — with a 42% approval and 52% disapproval. The Democratic president also saw his ratings plummet in terms of handling relations with China, another global adversary of the United States, with 39% approval and 54% disapproval rating. 

Analysts noted that this score is “slightly better” than former Republican Presidents George W. Bush and Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump, but is lower than that of Barack Obama despite notions of Biden as a popular president.

In February, Biden also became the second President in American history with an inaugural approval rating under 50% when he got a 49% mark, according to a survey done by Quinnipiac University survey.

Most Republicans disapprove of Biden

Meanwhile, the survey found that Biden’s approval rating among Democrats stands at 93% against the 7% who disapprove of his work. 

Most Republicans or 78% disapprove of the Democratic president’s overall performance and just over “one-in-five” or 21% of GOP constituents gave Biden a thumbs-up for his job.

The report noted that at this time in Biden’s presidency, former President Trump’s approval rating in late June 2017 was at 40%-54% based on a RealClearPolitics average.

Biden’s former boss, Democratic President Barack Obama had a 59% approval and 34% disapproval in late June of 2009 — although Fox said his rating was already “quickly receding” at the time. Former President Bush’ approval rating in June 2001 was at 52% against a disapproval rating of 37%.

Separately, latest national surveys compiled by RealClearPolitics, found Biden’s approval rating at 53% and his disapproval at 43%.

GOP, Democrats grow more concerned about crime

A separate poll conducted by Yahoo News/YouGov poll found Biden’s approval rating falling during a June 22 to 24 survey.

It said that growing concerns about violent crime coincided with some of Biden’s weakest job-approval numbers to date. In the latest survey, Yahoo News noted that the rating was nonetheless down four points from late April (to 50%), while his disapproval rating is up six points (to 43%).

The also survey found that a significant majority 55% now describe “violent crime” in the US as a “very big problem” — far more than those who share concern with the coronavirus pandemic (36%), race relations (39%), the economy (41%) or political correctness (39%).

Yahoo News said the number of Americans who consider violent crime a very big problem rose six percentage points over the last month with Republicans — seeing an increased concern from 56% to 65%. 

Last month, 45% of Democrats described violent crime as a very big problem, but the poll found the number to be higher by eight points in the latest survey at 53%.

“At the same time, 47% of Americans now disapprove of the way Biden is handling crime, up from 43% last month; just 36% approve,” the report said.

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Steeve Strange

Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.