Biden Slammed Online, Calls For Resignation Grow After Afghan Attacks Kill 13 US Service Members 

The ongoing evacuation mission in Afghanistan turned deadly on Thursday after multiple explosions in Kabul, near the city’s airport, killed at least 13 American servicemen — tagged as the deadliest day of conflict since 2011.

President Joe Biden remained largely quiet for hours after the attack, following through his recent practice of refusing to talk to the media as the messy withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan worsens.

This prompted strong backlash online, with many calling for Biden’s resignation or impeachment.

“Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Antony Blinken, Lloyd Austin and General Milley should all resign or face impeachment and removal from office,” GOP Senator Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee) wrote on Twitter.

Journalist Ian Bremmer pointed out how “until today, the last US soldiers to die in combat in Afghanistan were on February 8, 2020.”

“President Biden has to give a speech in response to today’s tragic events, and has to answer direct questions. Baseline expectation of any US President,” the liberal journalist added.

American conservative political commentator and media host Ben Shapiro quipped: “Hillary Clinton once wondered who Americans would want picking up the phone in a national crisis at 3 AM. With Joe Biden, nobody is picking up at 3 PM.” 

Commentator Lisa Boothe warned that Americans should not let the bloody turnout in Afghanistan to be forgotten.

“Don’t let the Biden administration get away with this. Don’t let the media turn the page,” Boothe tweeted.

House Republicans also called out Biden for not immediately addressing the Kabul attacks which also killed at least 60 Afghans  —  18 other American soldiers are also reportedly wounded.

“President Biden has been hiding from the American people for FIVE hours now,” the House GOP account said on Twitter.

“The United States today suffered the biggest military loss of life in over a decade,” foreign policy analyst Nile Gardiner commented.

“President Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal is costing American lives, and emboldening America’s enemies. There is no plan, no strategy, and no leadership from the White House,” Gardiner added.


Republican Rep. Jim Banks (Indiana), a veteran, also slammed Biden: “We haven’t heard anything from President Biden. The White House continues to postpone briefings.”

He added: “[House Speaker Nancy Pelosi] has tweeted about Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ plan, but not a word about the growing loss of American lives in Afghanistan. Is there any leadership in this country?”

Lone Conservative founder Kassy Dillion bluntly called out for Biden’s resignation.

“I don’t want to hear anything from Joe Biden besides ‘I resign,’” Dillion said. “Every time he opens his mouth he lies about the situation on the ground and makes it worse.”

“I can’t imagine hearing that knock on your door, knowing you’re about to be informed that your son was just killed in Afghanistan, the worst moment a mother or father could ever fathom … knowing Joe Biden could’ve avoided this. I could cry thinking about it,” host Liz Wheeler lamented.

The bombings  took place just outside the Hamid Karzai International Airport where evacuations of US forces, allies and Afghans are taking place to flee the largely Taliban-controlled country. One ISIS suicide bomber reportedly hit one of the airport’s main gates and another explosion hit outside Kabul’s Baron Hotel, where Americans gather waiting to be evacuated.

Biden spoke about the Afghanistan attacks with a prepared speech in the evening where he said the US has “some reason to believe” they know who the responsible ISIS-K leaders are with the bombings.


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