Biden Undoes Trump’ Anarchist Jurisdictions’ Order, Revives Taxpayer Funding To Portland, Seattle

Joe Biden continues his onslaught on the Trump Administration’s policies. Biden recently revoked several of the former president’s edicts, including a memorandum labeling cities like Portland and Seattle “anarchist” sanctuaries and reducing their federal taxpayer funding.

President Trump’s anti-anarchist executive order was meant to punish Portland and Seattle, as well as other Democrat-controlled cities, for failing to quell far-left riots that damaged countless buildings. The riots, widely ignored on mainstream liberal outlets, raged for more than 100 nights in a row. They were often shielded as “peaceful protests.”

“Trump issued a memorandum in September that sought to identify municipal governments that permit ‘anarchy, violence, and destruction in American cities,'” the Associated Press reported. “The memorandum followed riots during anti-police and anti-racism protests over George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police. The Justice Department identified New York City, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle as three cities that could have federal funding slashed.”

Portland’s cityscape is still facing riots. Two weeks ago, rioters tried to break into the Portland Police Association building. The mainstream media largely ignored the attack.

Despite the recent far-left attacks, Biden rescinded Trump’s mitigation orders.

The Democrat supermajority Portland officials were excited to get back taxpayer funding after failing to restore order during the riots.

“As many Portlanders expressed remorse on social media that the city was losing its edgy-sounding label, public officials were likely feeling a wave of relief. While many legal scholars doubted the president had the power to pull the funds, the threat loomed large at a time when the pandemic was blowing big holes in local budgets,” Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

During the same session, Biden rescinded Trump’s order “Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture” that required new Washington, D.C.’s buildings to embrace neo-classical architecture.

Steeve Strange

Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.