Biden’s Education Secretary Avoids To Answer How Many Genders Exist In Heated Exchange

When President Biden’s education secretary declined to specify how many genders there are, he got into a heated argument with a Republican congresswoman.

Rep. Mary Miller, R-Ill., questioned Education Secretary Miguel Cardona about an instructional material sent to children and their families titled “Confronting Anti-LGBTQI+ Harassment in Schools.” at a House Education and Labor Committee hearing on the department’s goals.

A teacher informing a kid who “identifies as nonbinary” that there are only two genders was one of the instances of harassment mentioned on the paper, according to Miller.

“Before we start penalizing teachers for stating a genetic and biological fact about genders, can you please clarify for the committee how many genders there are?” the congresswoman asked.

“So, I know what you’re asking,” Cardona said, avoiding the topic. “But I’m going to get to the root of what you’re asking. I feel very strongly, that as educators, it’s our responsibility to protect all students.”

The Biden administration’s Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, refuses to answer a basic question from @RepMaryMiller about how many genders there are. The party of science, folks,” one user wrote commentating to the video.

Cardona was pushed once again by Miller to define the number of genders that exist, but he refused.

“That is an example under your leadership that you are putting out to people,” the Illinois Republican added, referring to the text, “How many genders are there?”

Cardona immediately diverted, asking how Miller would “respond to a student who is nonbinary in your classroom,” but the lawmaker questioned him on the number of genders.

Cardona said, “I won’t be answering your question. You can continue your line of questioning.”

During a campaign visit in 2019,  Biden was asked the same question. Unlike Cardona, Biden responded with a statement.

“There are at least three,” Biden remarked before warning a conservative activist who had posed the question, “Don’t play games with me, kid.”

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