BOOM! Senator Ted Cruz Lashes Out At Democrat Politicians For Allowing “ANTIFA Terrorists” To Burn Cities To The Ground During The George Floyd Riots

Senator Ted Cruz (Republican-Texas) lashed out at the ANTIFA terrorists and Black Lives Matter supporters who have been destroying cities all across the United States for nearly two weeks straight.

“Everyone has a right to speak,” stated Cruz.  “You have a right to speak peaceably and exercise the First Amendment. What you don’t have a right to do is engage in violence. What you don’t have a right to do is loot stores. What you don’t have a right to do is shatter store windows. What you don’t have a right to do is light police cars on fire. And the violence and the terrorism we’re seeing across the country is unacceptable. It is wrong.”

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Senator Cruz said he supports President Trump’s proposal to use the military to stop the terrorists, but only if the police and the National Guard are unable to solve the problem first.

“There is a long history of the military being used to put down violent acts of terrorism,” stated the Senator.  “That’s not the first line of defense. The first line of defense typically are police officers. The next line of defense typically are the National Guard. You should naturally go through both of those.”

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The second-term Senator said that the ANTIFA terrorist organization for engaging in a “profoundly racist manner.”

“These ANTIFA protesters that are organizing these acts of terror, among other things, they are behaving in a profoundly racist manner. Listen, everyone agrees what happened to George Floyd was horrific. It was police brutality. And we are united in rightly believing that the officers involved should face criminal prosecution. They are facing criminal prosecution for breaking the law. And yet you’re seeing ANTIFA protesters deciding to abuse and take advantage of this crisis to wrongly paint the peaceful protesters as being violent,” said the Senator.

Cruz continued, “Every time you see some young ANTIFA terrorists showing up to scrawl graffiti, attacking police officers on the side of a police car, or shattering windows, they are behaving like bigots and we ought to stand united and strong in protecting the safety of American citizens, protecting the safety of police officers, protecting the safety of Americans of every race. African-American, Hispanic, White. Across the board. We need to be protecting our homes. We need to be protecting our family. And we need to be protecting our small businesses.”

Senator Cruz concluded his press conference by calling out hypocritical “authoritarian” Democratic politicians, who were quick to arrest peaceful Americans who violated their coronavirus social distancing orders, yet are refusing to stop violent terrorists from burning cities to the ground in response to George Floyd’s death.

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“These Democratic politicians that are treating this as an excuse for partisan politics is really unfortunate. A lot of these authoritarians at the local level were quick to send in the police to arrest a dad for playing softball with a six-year-old daughter, or to try to shut down a church that was daring to worship, but when you have violent protesters engage in physical assaults, too many Democratic politicians are playing politics and allowing the riots to play forward.

“When you see a city council member in Minneapolis saying he supports ANITFA while ANTIFA is literally burning the city to the ground, it is wrong.”

WATCH Senator Cruz’s fiery press conference here:

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Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.

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