BREAKING: Republican Senators Respond To John Bolton’s Alleged Leak (VIDEO)

An alleged leak of an excerpt from John Bolton’s upcoming book supposedly details that President Trump planned to withhold military aid from Ukraine until an investigation into the Bidens was completed.

Senate Republicans refuted the idea that John Bolton should be required to testify against President Trump and urged for the Senate to continue the impeachment trial as planned.

“As I’ve said last Friday right here, I think there’s gonna be something new coming out every day, very similar to what we saw in the Kavanaugh trial,” said Republican Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming. New information. Old information told in a different way to inflame emotions and influence the outcome. I say take a breath. Let’s listen to the president’s lawyers today and the case that they present. We’re gonna get to the specific question of witnesses on Friday. We have two more days of a hearing from the president’s team.”

Republican Senator Mike Braun of Indiana, who appeared with Senator Barrasso during the press conference, said, There is nothing new here that John Bolton didn’t know before the House Managers rested their case and stopped calling witnesses and they never chose to call John Bolton. They have for 25 years undermine the credibility of John Bolton on item after item and not trusting his judgment, his temperament. And we have, you’ve seen that for a long, long time of his history.

Senator Braun continued, So we’re going to have a chance to hear from the president’s lawyers at 1:00 this afternoon. We’re going to listen closely. You can imagine every year is going to be tuned to that as, as we hear that defense. But from this point, when I take a look at what the beginning part of your question, the aide went, the investigation was not announced. So there is no quid pro quo.”

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer has called for the Senate to force John Bolton to testify.

“As Ambassador Sondland said, and now they are all covering up, so it seems like not only is there more evidence that the president held the aid off to get a political gain, an investigation, but there seems to be a giant cover-up among so many of the leading people in the White House who knew about it and said nothing about it, let alone tried to stop it,” said Schumer during a press conference on Monday.

President Trump rejected the claims that were made in the alleged Bolton manuscript leak and tweeted that the whole thing is a publicity stunt so that Bolton could sell more books.


Steeve Strange

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