Candace Owens: Everything You Were Told About The Capitol Riot Is A Lie

Candace Owens posted a video in response to the experience and after math of the Capitol Hill riots. The political commentator called what is happening now is a ‘mass brainwashing’ and she wanted to make sure she is accurate as possible in her video.

Owens also shared to Twitter in response to Ann Coulter’s tweets about Dems being ‘weepy and hysterical’ are for something that happens ‘regularly to conservative speakers on college campuses, random store owners, police precincts, etc etc etc etc etc’

Owens stated, “It’s just bad acting. January 6th is the modern Reichstag fire. A political strategy to remove civil liberties and stomp out all dissent so the nazi party can resume all power, unquestioningly. Pitiful and obvious to anyone with a thinking brain.”

In her video she also questions the pipe bombs being dropped off at both the RNC and DNC headquarters while the FBI has not determined who left them.