China Lied And People Died: The Most Dangerous Cover-up In History

Posted 3.22.2020 by Steeve Strange

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The deadly coronavirus pandemic originated in Wuhan, China, and the Chinese Communist Party is 100% to blame for the health and financial crisis the entire globe is going through right now.

After Chinese scientists at labs in Wuhan had sequenced the coronavirus genome and found it resembled the deadly SARS virus that killed hundreds in 2002-2003, China’s top medical authority ordered the lab to be silent and not inform the public.

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According to Caixin Global, a Beijing based media group, local scientists in Wuhan had sequenced the genome by December 27, 2019, but were ordered by local and national Communist party officials to destroy the evidence and not release their findings.

Chinese Communist Party censors began removing reports about the Wuhan coronavirus from the Chinese Internet as quickly as possible.

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Then, local Wuhan Communist officials deliberately chose to not inform a group of national health leaders from Beijing during a visit on January 8 that the disease had spread from local infected residents to medical professionals. The local Wuhan officials wanted national leaders in Beijing to believe that they had everything under control.

Because of the lies told by local Wuhan officials that everything was “under control,” the city of Wuhan was still given the chance to proceed with its scheduled Chinese New Year celebration. Tens of thousands of people were exposed to the disease as a result of this foolhardy decision. Additionally, Communist party leaders allowed upwards of 5 million Wuhan residents to leave the city and travel around the globe for Chinese New Year celebrations before the current quarantine rules were put into place.

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Furthermore, Chinese national and local Wuhan officials are to blame for their irrational decision to not shut down the disease-filled “wet markets” where exotic live animals such as bats, pythons, and stray dogs are sold for food. Many scientists believe that the COVID-19 coronavirus originally transferred from a filthy disease-filled animal to humans at one of the Wuhan wet markets.

Thankfully, several Chinese media outlets have discovered and reported on the cover-up. Their willingness to spread the truth is incredibly brave. These individuals who criticize the Chinese government are at grave risk of disappearing without a trace.

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Now, the plague of Chinese censorship and propaganda has infected the American media. Far-left American mainstream media organizations such as CNN and MSNBC are attacking anyone who refers to the COVID-19 coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” as being “xenophobic and racist.” These media companies seek to do the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party and erase any connection between this global pandemic and China.

We cannot let the Chinese Communist Party, the most oppressive and dangerous regime in the history of the world, succeed in dodging responsibility for this crisis.

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So do your part as an American patriot. Every time you make any reference to COVID-19, use the term “Chinese Virus.” If and when a pro-China liberal NPC inevitably repeats CNN talking points and accuses you of being “racist” for using this accurate term, let them know that you a referring to the Chinese government and not the Chinese people.

People need to know the truth.

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