CNN Reporter Ordered By Taliban To ‘Stand Aside’ Because She’s A Woman

Taliban fighters told off CNN’s Clarissa Ward to the side because she is a woman, the latest development for one of the few reporters visible reporting from Afghanistan’s streets.

Ward was previously chastised for saying Taliban Insurrectionists were “just chanting ‘death to America,’ but they seem friendly at the same time” in an edited video. Ward said the situation was “utterly bizarre” in the full clip below.

“They’ve just told me to stand to the side because I’m a woman,” Ward said, shortly after claiming that the Taliban grunts seemed friendly, “the welcoming spirit only extends so far, and my presence soon creates tension.”

Ward’s presence in Afghanistan as it is being taken over by Taliban troops has served as a harsh reminder that women in the nation are suffering greatly under terrorist leadership.

Ward may now be seen with a black garment covering her hair as not to trigger the Taliban Insurrectionists. She was previously donning a lighter face covering that did not conceal her hair.

“I always wore a headscarf on the street in Kabul previously, though not [with] hair fully covered and abaya. So there is a difference but not quite this stark,” Ward said.

Women in Afghanistan are already being told to quit schools, according to BBC News presenter and correspondent Yalda Hakim, who reinforced the presumption that women will lose rights under the Taliban.

“Women in Herat, now under Taliban control, are telling me that when they tried to enter the grounds of their University today they were told to go home,” Hakim said. “Women working in offices also turned away. Schools have been shut down. 60 percent of University students in Herat were women.”

On Tuesday, the Taliban alleged that it would protect women’s rights, with a propaganda agent saying “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is ready to provide women with environment to work and study, and the presence of women in different (government) structures according to Islamic law and in accordance with our cultural values.”

The statement contradicts what has been reported, including by BBC anchor Hakim and others.

“Local reports say Taliban fighters are already going door-to-door and forcibly marrying girls as young as 12 as Jihadist commanders order imams to create ‘marriage lists’ and offer girls for sexual servitude,” the Daily Mail uncovered earlier this week. “Taliban soldiers are to marry the women aged from 12 to 45 … because they view them as ‘qhanimat’ or ‘spoils of war’ — to be divided up among the victors.”

Wealthy, Karen-esque white feminists remain silent while the ongoing crisis surges through Afghanistan.


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Steeve Strange

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