CNN Settles Defamation Lawsuit With Covington Catholic Teen Student Nicholas Sandmann (VIDEO)

Posted 1.08.2020 by Steeve Strange

CNN has settled its lawsuit with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann.

A year after 17-year-old Nicholas Sandmann’s famous encounter with Nathan Phillips, an indigenous man who harassed Sandmann in Washington D.C., Sandmann has received an undisclosed settlement amount from CNN.

Nicholas Sandmann (left) with Nathan Phillips (right)

During an interview with Mark Levin on Fox News, Sandmann’s attorney said, “CNN was probably more vicious in its direct attacks on Nicholas than The Washington Post, and CNN goes into millions of individuals’ homes. It’s broadcast into their homes.”

Sandmann’s attorney also claimed that Sandmann was portrayed by CNN as being part of a mob that provoked an indigenous man and Black Hebrew Israelites.

Nathan Phillips (left) with Nicholas Sandmann (right)

“They really went after Nicholas with the idea that he was part of a mob that was attacking the Black Hebrew Israelites, yelling racist slurs at the Black Hebrew Israelites. Totally false, saying things like that, that Nicholas was part of a group that was threatening the Black Hebrew Israelites, that they thought it was gonna be a lynching. Now, you’ve said you’ve seen the tape. If you took the time to look at the full context of what happened that day, Nicholas Sandmann did absolutely nothing wrong. He was, as I’ve said to others. He was the only adult in the room.”

Comedian Bill Maher aired a video of himself slandering Nick Sandmann on his show.

“Oh, yeah. I blame that f***ing kid. What a little p***k,” Maher said about Sandmann. “Smike face. Smirk faces. Please, like that’s not a d**k move at any age.”

The Washington Post and NBC Universal, two other outlets in the Sandmann lawsuit, have not settled yet.



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