Coca-Cola Responds After Facing Backlash Over ‘Be Less White’ Diversity Training

Coca-Cola is receiving more backlash after being accused for pushing an anti-white agenda for their online ‘anti-racism’ training for employees and where some of the training materials want participants to ‘try to be less white.’ After the images of the training materials gained attention and criticism of Coca-Cola, they released a statement denying those materials being part of its learning curriculum.

Coca-Cola posted to their site on Saturday, “The video and images attributed to a Coca-Cola training program are not part of the company’s learning curriculum.”

The full statement, “Our Better Together global training is part of a learning plan to help build an inclusive workplace. It is comprised of a number of short vignettes, each a few minutes long. The training includes access to the LinkedIn Learning platform on a variety of topics, including on diversity, equity and inclusion. The video in question was accessible on the LinkedIn Learning platform but was not part of the company’s curriculum. We will continue to listen to our employees and refine our learning programs as appropriate.”

On Friday the day before Coca-Cola released their statement, a Twitter user who says she is a ‘former Democrat. Unwoke activist. Accidental commentator’ posted the images of the training from an ‘internal whistleblower’

Below is what ‘DrKarylnB’ posted alleging Coca Colas training and the user also verified these courses are real and publicly available on LinkedIn.

The course was created by Robin DiAngelo, ‘Confronting Racism’ and is known for one of her ‘bestseller’ books called ‘White Fragility.

Forbes reported after the death of George Floyd, “The top-selling title White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo, who is white, moved 437,289 print copies from May to June, up 2264% from 18,492 in the two months prior.”

Candace Owens responded to the alleged training materials, “If a corporate company sent around a training kit instructing Black people how to ‘be less Black’, the world would implode and lawsuits would follow. I genuinely hope these employees sue @CocaCola for blatant racism and dissemination.”