College Student Pushes Back Against Anti-Cop Professor, Officer Who Mocked Lebron James Gives Update

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A professor at a Cypress College in Southern California thought she could force her anti-cop rhetoric against a student who believes a majority of police are heroes and how they should be on TV in kid’s shows.

Braden Ellis who was in his communications class, gave a presentation about cancel culture being very destructive and tearing the country apart.

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Ellis spoke with The Daily Wire about his speech where he said, “he mentioned how activists attempted to “cancel” the children’s show “Paw Patrol” in light of the anti-police sentiment stemming from the Black Lives Matter movement. Following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police, professors, activists, and journalists alike took to social media to decry why “Paw Patrol” was bad for reinforcing the idea that police are helpful.

The student claimed that the professor allowed a 10-minute question and answer session for students to respond to his presentation but the professor ended up taking the 10-minutes to challenge Ellis for his views.

“So you brought up the police in your speech a few times. So what is your main concern? I mean, honestly, the whole reason police-. I mean, it is systemic. The issue is systemic because the whole reason we have police departments in the first place, where did it stem from? What’s our history going back to what Jeremy was talking about. Was. What does it stem from? It stems from people in the South wanting to capture runaway slaves,” the professor told Ellis.

A classmate Jeremy said, “Maybe they [police] shouldn’t be heroes. Maybe they don’t belong on a kid’s show.”

Ellis responded but cut off by the professor, “So I disagree with the, what Jeremy said about it because I think cops are heroes and they have to have a difficult job, but we have to have-.”

“All of them?!” the professor interrupted.

Rest of transcript from Daily Wire

Ellis: I’d say a good majority of them. You have bad people in every business and every —

Professor: A lot of police officers have committed atrocious crimes and have gotten away with it and have never been convicted of any of it. And I say [it] as a person that has family members who are police officers.

Ellis: Yes, I understand. This is what I believe … This is not popular to say, but I do support our police. And we have bad people, and the people that do bad things should be brought to justice, I agree with that.

Professor: They haven’t.

Ellis: Well, I agree with you on that point [of] they should.

Professor: So, what is your bottom line point? You’re saying police officers should be revered? Viewed as heroes? They belong on TV shows [for] children?

Ellis: I think they are heroes in a sense because they come to your need and they come and help you. They have problems just like every other business, but we should fix that —

Professor: It’s not a business. I think that’s the problem, is looking at it as a business. Because they’re actually supposed to protect and serve the people.

Ellis: They do protect us. Who do we call when we’re in trouble and someone has a knife or a gun?

Professor: I wouldn’t call the police.

Ellis: Why wouldn’t you call the police?

Professor: I don’t trust them. My life’s in more danger in their [presence].

Ellis: Professor, who would you call?

Professor: I wouldn’t call anybody.

Ellis: If [someone] intruded your house with a gun…would you have a gun on you? Who would you call?

Ellis: I know that it’s not popular for me to say that to you guys and people in here, but that’s what I believe about the police.

Teacher: Okay. Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Students Wanting To Ban Campus Police

A University of California student advocated for the complete ban of campus police officers who protect student safety.

Naomi Waters who is with ‘Racial Justice Now’ stated, “During my tenure of advocacy and research for this position. I mean, ultimately highlighted student voices and those voices overwhelmingly call for the defunding and abolition of UCPD. Wanton abuses by law enforcement within the University of California system has yet to be adequately addressed. The UC Police Department has a history if I can say that this evening, a history of excessive force, brutality, and various forms of harassment.”

“We, the University of California Student Association, condemn these cowardly acts of force and violence. Prior bad acts cannot be remedied with the minimal institutional efforts and postdated commitments. We demand abolition now. We demand defunding now! Campus safety, partly as we view it, is the creation of a vision around safety that does not require police presence. Students have boldly and amply supplied this to the system. And yes, again, it’s in the form of abolition,” Waters continued.

Update From TikTok Officer Who Mocked LeBron James

Officer Silvester who is now well known for mocking LeBron James’ incendiary comments thanked supporters for their positive responses.

“Wow, you guys are some incredible human beings. There are no words to express the gratitude that I feel towards you all for the tremendous showing of support that I’ve seen over the past five or six days. It’s been so humbling to see just how many people actually do love our law enforcement officers. The donations, the emails, the phone calls, the private messages that have come in. It’s just it’s been so it’s just been so great. It’s been amazing. And I’m speechless. I don’t even know really what to say other than thank you,” Silvester stated.

“Thank you all so much. I never would have anticipated that this would have become as big as it has. And we’re just going to keep making it bigger. We have a voice now and we’ve learned that and we’re going to use it to stand up for law enforcement officers all over this country. We’re not going to tolerate being attacked or bullied or vilified in the media anymore. We have to have each other’s back and that’s what we’re going to do. Thank you all so much for everything you’re doing,” Silvester concluded.

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