Conservatives Slam Abortion Worker For Tweeting Picture Of “Disgusting” Christmas Tree Topper

**UPDATE: Michael Saenz switched his Twitter profile to private after we posted this article, so his tweets will not show up in the article.**

An abortion worker name Michael Saenz is being slammed on Twitter for posting an incredibly sickening and offensive photo of his Christmas tree topper.

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The topper appears to be made out of forceps, a medical tool used by abortionists to extract a baby from its mother’s uterus.

Warning: the picture below is disturbing.

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Many conservative Twitter users responded to Saenz’s tweet to voice their disgust.

“Pro-life or pro-choice, the glorification of abortion is disgusting.  Anyone who thinks that this is acceptable is sick,” said Twitter user Nathan Planer.

Other Twitter users called the picture “sick” and “satantic.”

One man responded, “Celebrating abortion on a holiday based on celebrating a birth seems odd.”

According to LinkedIn, Saenz works at Care Clinics for Abortion & Reproductive Excellence in Bethesda, Maryland, and previously worked at the Nebraska facility.

Saenz’s disturbing pro-abortion views are on full display throughout his Twitter account.  He posted a selfie on October 30, 2020 of himself wearing a mask that reads “Pro-Abortion Forevermore.”

Saenz tweeted that an abortion patient once told him during an ultrasound that she was “here again because the p*ssy too bomb!”

Saenz has several other tweets that mention his radical extreme views on late-term abortion.

“Later abortion access is so incredibly vital.  I’m so thankful to be able to work in this area of abortion care among people who care so much,” tweeted Saenz.

Another tweet shows Saenz voicing his support for abortion all the way up until the minute before birth.

“I don’t find the “no one does abortions up to the point of birth’ narrative helpful to the pro-abortion movement.  I fully support abortion care regardless of gestational age.”

Saenz bragged in one tweet that he wakes up at 3am to help perform abortions.



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