Coronavirus: Ilhan Omar PRAISES President Trump’s Leadership

Posted 3.20.2020 by Steeve Strange

In a time of crisis, strong leadership inspires confidence among even the bitterest opponents. This is the lesson to be learned from President Trump’s swift, decisive response to the COVID-19 epidemic, as he signed the Senate’s second coronavirus bill into law on Wednesday.

Former critics, including some of the most far-left liberal members of Congress, have changed their usually hostile and angry tunes as Trump has demonstrated the strong leadership skills that won him the election in 2016.

Democratic representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, arguably the Trump administration’s most notorious nay-sayer, could not help but switch to the winning side on Wednesday. Representative Omar, who has previously blasted Trump on everything from tax reform to negotiations with the Taliban, said on Twitter:

“Politics aside, this is incredible and the right response in this critical time.”

Omar said she is willing to overlook political differences even though she has spent two years attempting to score every cheap point against the Trump Administration possible. In a follow-up tweet, Omar added,

“Unprecedented times require unprecedented leadership and we are seeing that in our country right now. I have faith that we will survive this as a nation and build together.”

Omar apparently had less faith in Trump just 3 days ago when she passive-aggressively questioned his border-control policies, harassing Ivanka Trump on Twitter instead of using her position in Congress to enact actual life-changing policy.

Omar further slandered the president two months ago by suggesting that his foreign policy was driven by his personal business needs. Omar, who has never served on the House Armed Services Committee and has no military experience, wildly speculated that Trump would be willing to send US troops to fight Iran not because the Middle Eastern nation funds terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, but simply to prop up his business ventures.

Regardless of Representative Omar’s past hostility and hatred toward the president, she and many other prominent Democrats and liberals have provided support and applause for Trump’s aggressive actions against the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough (who once called the lawfully elected president a “would-be dictator”) said that it was necessary to rally around Trump and do “everything we can do to make sure this president succeeds.” Likewise, CNN’s Dana Bash called Trump “the kind of leader that people need, and want, and yearn for in a time of crisis and uncertainty.”

Almost four years ago to the day, Senator Ted Cruz attempted to ask a “gotcha” question about the September 11th attacks to Trump during the 2016 Republican presidential debates. Instead, Trump responded by recounting his strong leadership during that time of national crisis. Cruz, humbled, could only applaud Trump’s response.

In a time of great crisis, it’s an important point to remember that since the very beginning of his political career, President Trump’s leadership has been questioned and proven on all fronts.

The Chinese coronavirus pandemic will be Trump’s greatest test of leadership yet, and so far the president has demonstrated that he’s not only capable of rising to meet the challenge but he’s also able to command respect from his rivals in the process.


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