Coronavirus Should Be Forever Linked To Chinese Regime That Facilitated Its Spread

Posted 3.20.2020 by Cameron Shizznit

The far-left mainstream media has hammered President Trump over the past week for referring to the COVID-19 virus – which originated in Wuhan, China – as the “Chinese virus.”

Low-information Democrat voters and the media have repeated official Chinese state propaganda that Trump’s accurate words are ‘xenophobic’ and ‘racist,’ all while ignoring the most important fact in all of this: China is the reason the world is in our current crisis!

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In his Washington Post opinion article titled, “This virus should be forever linked to the regime that facilitated its spread”columnist Marc A. Thiessen says that while the Chinese people are not to blame for the COVID-19 pandemic, their Communist rulers are. He writes:

“It is important this virus be forever linked to the brutal regime that facilitated its spread. The virus grew in the cesspool of Chinese Communist tyranny.”

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The editors of National Review agreed in saying: “the culpability of the Chinese government in the disaster” is undeniable as one looks at what is happening around the world. If anything is unfair, it’s that the virus was not named after the corrupt rulers in China’s Communist Party. As the Review notes, “a better name would be ‘Xi’s’ disease.”

Foreign Policy’s James Palmer places the blame squarely on the shoulders of “Beijing’s vanity — and its insecurity” that allowed the coronavirus to have “a critical monthlong head start.”

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President Trump rightly identified the threat posed to the world by Communist China during his 2016 run for office, and he has been proven 100% right. Over the past few years, the Chinese government of Xi Jinping has balked at Trump’s efforts to level the playing field in trade and violated the terms of settlement that would have allowed Hong Kong a greater degree of autonomy and self-rule.

Xi’s government has waged war on the truth about COVID-19. Li Wenliang, the doctor who tried to warn his own countrymen about the situation in Wuhan first, was forced to sign a statement that “his warnings were criminal misbehavior.” Wenliang died shortly after from the very virus he tried to protect the world from. At least six other doctors in the Wuhan area were silenced the same way.

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Chinese official Zhao Lijian is pushing a dangerous conspiracy theory that the coronavirus didn’t come from Wuhan, China but rather from the United States. He has gone so far as to claim that the pandemic is the result of a U.S. military project despite offering zero evidence.

While Americans prepared to go on self-imposed lockdown in their homes, the head of China’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lied to the world by declaring on state television that “the risk of human-to-human transmission is low.” But doctors in Wuhan knew way back in December that COVID-19 was capable of human-to-human transmission, as evidenced by medical workers growing ill.

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Xi turned his country’s problem into a global disaster when he allowed a Lunar New Year banquet to take place in Wuhan on January 18, where thousands of families shared food and drinks. Knowing the true nature of the virus, the Chinese government then allowed millions to travel out of Wuhan, enabling the virus to make its way around the world. It wasn’t until after millions of potentially infected Chinese citizens spread the disease around the world that the Chinese government enacted a quarantine in Wuhan.

The Chinese Communist regime caused millions the U.S., Europe, and now in at least 114 countries to face panic and worse while wrecking the world’s economy because as Thiessen notes:

“The Chinese Communist regime cared more about suppressing information than suppressing a virus.”

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Since 2015, Hillary Clinton and the rest of her Democrat cronies have pushed a debunked conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is a Russian agent. At the same time, Trump’s likely 2020 opponent Joe Biden, has taken China’s side at every turn, all the while continuing to fan the flames of “Trump/Russia” paranoia whenever he can.

Undaunted, Trump took the steps to win the global war against China by invoking Congressionally approved powers that will boost the manufacturing of medical equipment needed to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

The National Review reminds us that the epidemic will subside, but:

“We will not forget Beijing’s irresponsibility, nor its cowardice and dishonesty in the early days of the outbreak. The Beijing regime has long been a boot on the neck of the Chinese people, but it is now a menace to the world at large.”

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We can’t create democracy in China, but the U.S. can and should deny its despotic leaders the fuel that drives the engine of their thriving economy and hold them accountable for spreading COVID-19.

Trump has called Xi Jinping’s hand, and now the American people must stand behind their President.

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