Coronavirus Tyranny: New Orleans Mayor Issues Ban On Sale Firearms

Posted 3.17.2020 by Cameron Shizznit

In response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell (Democrat) has recently signed an emergency order that will prohibit the transportation and sale of firearms. Another proclamation was also signed soon after that focuses on the sale, transportation and dispensation of alcoholic beverages.

It did not take long before the Second Amendment Foundation issued a response to the declaration. Cantell’s claims are being disputed, of course. The Second Amendment Foundation was quick to remind her that they were willing to fight back against these declarations during Hurricane Katrina.

If necessary, they are ready to do so again. “We sued New Orleans then, and we’ll do it again,” said SAF executive vice president Alan Gottlieb. The Second Amendment Foundation believes that the presence of a terrible virus is not enough to suspend the Bill of Rights.

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Democratic politicians are always looking to use these types of situations to push their latest agenda and the Second Amendment Foundation is not going to allow that to happen. Law-abiding citizens cannot have their firearms confiscated because a Democratic mayor thinks that it is a good idea.

If this is where things are going to start, how are things going to end? It is easy to see why the Second Amendment Foundation is worried about the direction that New Orleans is taking. That does not mean that the SAF is not taking the spread of the virus seriously. Gottlieb was sure to recognize the dangers that coronavirus presents in the written statement.

The treatment of COVID-19 has very little to do with the Second Amendment but this is not stopping Cantrell from making this decision. She believes that people will be too busy panicking about the spread of the virus to do anything about it. Those who are legally licensed to carry a firearm should not lose those rights because of a panicky politician.

No matter which side of the aisle you are sitting on, this is something that we should be agreeing upon. The coronavirus has nothing to do with the inalienable rights that we should be able to enjoy as United States citizens. Shame on Cantrell for using a tragedy as a means of advancing her own political agendas.

This is not the only location to experience the wrath of panicking politicians. Champaign, Illinois residents were recently subjected to a coronavirus emergency order from their mayor as well. Deborah Frank Feinen (Democrat, of course) issued an order that allows for her to suspend the sales of firearms and ammunition within the city.

Whatever happened to the Second Amendment? This is not a new fight for Americans who are looking to keep the firearms that they are legally registered to carry. At times like these, there are always going to be politicians who decide to issue emergency orders that are designed to assist them with whatever agenda they are most obsessed with.

Unfortunately for the Americans who are looking to maintain possession over the guns that they are legally allowed to own, gun control is the topic of the moment. This is a fight that is sure to play out all over the country.

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