De Blasio Announces ‘Key To NYC Pass’ That Will Prevent Unvaccinated To Participate In Indoor Activities

Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) said Tuesday that employees and customers who want to partake in indoor activities like as eating in restaurants, working out in gyms, or watching theatrical performances would need proof of vaccination.

The program is one of the first of its type in the United States.

During a press conference, de Blasio said that the “Key to NYC Pass” program would begin on Aug. 16 and that enforcement will begin on Sept. 13.

Bill “Papers Please” De Blasio is Pro-Segregation and wants to unilaterally discriminate against millions of law abiding New Yorkers. No wonder why so many of us are moving to the free state of Florida!!!” Donald Trump Jr. responded to the announcement.

“It’s time for people to see vaccination as literally necessary for living a good, full and healthy life. If you’re unvaccinated, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in many things,” de Blasio said.

While New York City was the first city in the United States to implement a local vaccination passport, the state launched its own “Excelsior Pass” smartphone app in March.

The software could be used by private companies, such as sports stadiums and music halls, that want to require proof of vaccination.

The mayor stated on Tuesday that evidence of vaccination would be available in a variety of forms, including a paper card, the Excelsior Pass, and the city’s own NYC Covid Safe app, which was launched on Monday.

While other large cities, including as Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Los Angeles, have lately reinstated mask requirements, de Blasio has voiced concerns.

During the press conference, he said firmly that the city’s priority must be vaccination.

“Our strategy is vaccine-centric. Anything and everything we do is to support vaccination. Anything less than vaccination isn’t going to get us where we need to go. What we want to nail is people getting vaccinated, and very bluntly, showing life is much better when you’re vaccinated,” de Blasio said.

The initiative is de Blasio’s most aggressive effort to date to boost the city’s immunization rate. Approximately 66 percent of the city’s adults are completely vaccinated, but percentages vary by region.

Last week, he offered a $100 payment to local residents and workers who scheduled a vaccine appointment at city-run clinics. He ordered all incoming municipal workers to be vaccinated as a condition of employment on Monday.

Although De Blasio admitted that “not everyone’s going to agree with this,” he maintained that the measure is important to protect lives.

He also defended the policy’s constitutionality, claiming that the Justice Department has said that requirements are lawful even if the vaccinations have not yet been completely authorized by the FDA.

In New York City, immunization will be required for indoor activities, and Equinox and SoulCycle will ask for proof of vaccination at their facilities.

De Blasio believes the proposal will encourage younger New Yorkers, particularly service sector workers, to get the vaccination. He expressed his desire that private industry and other governments follow similar measures.

“I’m taking this action in part to inspire others to follow suit,” de Blasio said.


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