Democrats Get Called Out For Wasting Entire Week Of Senate’s Floor Time ‘Playing Politics’

Senator John Barrasso recently spoke on the House floor, criticizing Senator Chuck Schumer and Democrats in general, claiming that while Republicans are focused on issues that matter to the American people, Democrats are more interested with ‘playing politics’.

“We’re at a point where Republicans are focusing on the things that people need and care about and tell us affect their lives, while Chuck Schumer continues to play politics,” Sen. Barrasso stated said on the House floor.

“What the Democrats are proposing is eliminating Voter ID. That’s where people when you go and ask for a ballot and you tell him who you are, you need to actually show an ID to prove that it is who you say you are. Great majorities of American people believe that is exactly the way voting should be done and you can have integrity in the ballots,” Barrasso stated in regards to H.R.1

The fight against H.R.1, also knowns as the ‘anti-voter I.D Bill’ will expand federal control over elections. Barrasso brought up real issues and concerns he is hearing from the American people.

“For those of us who go home every weekend and talk to people and see what’s on their mind, we’re hearing very clearly what’s on their mind. And it’s not the things that Democrats are focusing on. It’s the fact that we’re facing inflation. The cost is up for gasoline. The cost is up for groceries when people go to the store. These are the sorts of things that hit people in their pocketbooks and they’re very concerned. Gas is up 70 cents a gallon since Joe Biden has taken the oath of office,” Barrasso continued.

“When I talk to small business owners, they’re having a hard time finding employees to hire. There are about nine million jobs today that are unfilled in the United States. And it’s not a surprise that when the government offers incentives where they pay more to not work than to work with unemployment as well as a federal unemployment bonus, people aren’t lazy. They’re just logical,” Barrasso added.

Issues brought up by Sen. Barrasso are not things the Democrats are focused on and the Wyoming senator called out Chuck Schumer for having a different agenda.

“Chuck Schumer has a very different agenda. He sent out a Dear Colleague Letter right before Memorial Day to say the things that he’s interested in focusing on. And they are not the things. He ignores the issues of inflation. He ignores the incentives that keep people out of work. What Chuck Schumer is focused on are going after our Second Amendment rights, going after the rights of states to decide how voting is done in their states, a complete federal takeover of the election process in America,” Barrasso stated.

“We talk about voter harvesting. I mean, that’s when they have paid operatives to go door to door, neighborhood to neighborhood, nursing home to nursing home, collect ballots, and then those people, unsupervised, get to decide which of those ballots they actually want to turn in and which of those ballots they want to throw away,” Barrasso added.

Alabama is the only state which requires ballots to be turned in by the actual voter themselves and 13 states, including New York, do not have laws specifying whether someone may return ballots on behalf of voters.

Sen. John Thune also called out Senate Democrats because they decided to waste an entire week of the Senate’s floor time.

“I can’t imagine the American people are going to want to see enact the law. Whether it’s having taxpayers pay for federal elections or whether it’s politicizing the FEC or whether it’s codifying ballot harvesting or doing away with voter ID, this is a piece of legislation that needs to die and die quickly. And it’s regrettable that the Senate Democrats have decided to waste an entire week of the Senate’s floor time when there are so many important issues that we ought to be dealing with, dealing with something that they know is destined to fail,” Sen. Thune shared.

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