Democrats Want To Run Your Healthcare, But They Can’t Even Run The Iowa Caucus (VIDEO)

Posted 2.04.2020 by Steeve Strange

These socialist Democrat clowns want to run your healthcare, but they can’t even run the Iowa caucuses!

The Democrat Iowa Caucus has been a total disaster and embarrassment for the Democrats due to problems with an untested reporting app that was used during the caucuses.

The app, named “Shadow,” malfunctioned and no results from the caucuses were reported on the night of the caucuses on Monday.

President Trump roasted the Iowa Democrat Party on Twitter for its incompetence in reporting the Iowa Democrat caucus results.

Despite the chaos that occurred on the night of the caucuses, the DNC headquarters in Iowa was shown to be completely empty instead of teeming with staff trying to mitigate the issue like most would expect to see.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf stated that the “Shadow” app used by the Democrats was untested despite DHS offering to do so.



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