Deranged Liberal Complaint Over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Baggage Tag Leads To Investigation Into Airline Pilot

It appears that American Airlines is investigating one of its pilots in the wake of an allegation that the pilot placed a sticker on his personal luggage that read “Let’s go, Brandon,” which irritated one of the passengers on board.

In response to an outraged tweet about the baggage tag, the airline’s official account thanked the unhappy woman for bringing it to the company’s notice and requested her to send them a direct message with further information.

The original tweet complaint is no longer public since the complainer made her Twitter private. However, tweet screenshots show she accused the pilot of “displaying… cowardly rhetoric” while wearing a uniform and claimed that she and other passengers had been “disgusted” to see the sticker before the flight. She released a few images of the pilot’s bag, however, some individuals who were lured in by the growing controversy said they were skeptical of what she was posting.

Just before she decided to make her account private, the lady uploaded what she claimed were private messages she had with the airline. In those, the self-described “elite status member” stated that the sticker supported “the insurrection of our government/the sitting president” and she also acted concerned for her own personal safety. American Airlines informed her an “appropriate internal review will occur.”

The “let’s go Brandon” phrase has gained widespread recognition as a lighthearted alternative for an expletive directed against the current president of the United States when an NBC reporter claimed to have heard it instead of a ‘f**k Joe Biden’ shout during a live broadcast last September.

Some Biden supporters consider it to be extremely insulting and evidence of extremism, while others do not. When an Associated Press journalist complained on Twitter about a Southwest Airlines pilot saying, “Let’s go, Brandon,” before taking off, the story made headlines in late October. Some like-minded critics even went so far as to equate the pilot’s welcome to that of supporting terrorism.

Southwest said it was looking into the pilot’s actions, saying it didn’t tolerate “divisive or offensive” behavior from its personnel. However, the company declined to comment on the individual involved.

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