DISGUSTING: Host Of ‘The Young Turks’ Says ‘America Deserved 9/11” (VIDEO)

Posted 8.24.2019 by Cameron Shizznit

‘The Young Turks’ host Hasan Piker said that “America deserved 9/11” and people are outraged.

Piker made the outrageous comment during a Twitch stream in which he was reacting to Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.

Piker then went on to praise the “brave f*cking soldier” who took out Crenshaw’s eye.

The Congressman and former Navy SEAL responded to Hasan’s angry tirade on Twitter.

Piker responded to Crenshaw’s tweet and told him to “spare me your moral grandstanding.”

Piker later appeared on ‘The Young Turks’ network to address the controversy.  Piker blamed his highly offensive choice of words on “English being [his] second language.”

Piker then doubled down on justifying the meaning behind the comments he made: “Obviously 9/11 was a horrific tragedy 3,000 Americans died, okay? 7,000 troops have died since then in endless wars and if you’re spending all of your energy getting upset at me, because I think that is abhorrent and awful maybe you should spend your energy elsewhere and realize that those who justify this endless bloodshed maybe don’t have the best interest of those young men at heart.”

Twitch has permanently banned Piker from its platform for his anti-American comments.


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