Donald Trump Jr. Says Former President Trump ‘Still The Future Of The Republican Party’

Donald Trump Jr., told Sean Hannity show on Thursday that former president Donald Trump, his father, remains to be the “future of the Republican Party.”

The former president’s eldest son argued that the GOP needs candidates who will fight for the working class noting that “the Republican Party isn’t going to be bound to those corporate interests anymore.”

“If you’re reading the room and you’re intelligent, you realize that Donald Trump is still the future of the Republican Party,” Trump Jr. told Hannity ahead of the former president’s expected appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on February 28.

Trump’s eldest son noted that his father’s strong base in the GOP are those supporting an “America First agenda” meant to “fight for the hard-working men and women” in the United States first.

Republicans called to push back

“Those people who are being displaced by illegals, those people who are being swept aside by the Democrat Party, who has just flagrantly ignored them for decades, Donald Trump is all over that,” he said.

He also lashed out at some Republicans in Congress who are not standing up to the Democrats and said the GOP needs more candidates who will push back against the progressives, their mainstream media cohorts and the big tech.

“The Republicans are not willing to do it; they’ve shown that over the decades … they’d rather just lose gracefully. Donald Trump has shown that you don’t have to do that

You can actually push back,” Trump Jr. added.

“We don’t have any easy fights, we don’t have a level playing field. You have a multi-trillion dollar industry between the mainstream media and the big tech doing whatever they can to destroy the Republican Party … we need people to call out those lies.”

Media, big tech bias cited

He went on to discuss media bias and compared the coverage that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got when he refused to lockdown the state and the media coverage being afforded to New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo amid his nursing home scandal and recently, multiple sexual assault allegations.

“Look at the difference between the handling of Governor DeSantis and Governor Cuomo,” Trump Jr. said.

“Andrew Cuomo gets Emmys for sending your grandmother to your nursing home to her death. Governor DeSantis got more hell in Florida for keeping beaches open with social distancing and masks,” he added in an apparent jab to mainstream media coverage.

The younger Trump went on to argue that big corporations severing ties with Republicans in the wake of the Capitol Hill chaos last January 6 — could be a good thing for the party saying “congressmen and senators can actually start fighting for the American people the way that Donald Trump did.”

“The Republican Party isn’t going to be bound to those corporate interests anymore. So I love that they are making that link and breaking it, because we need more of that and we need candidates and people who will go to bat, who will go to war and fight for the American working class and make sure we put them first,” Trump Jr. said. 

Concluding his talk, he lamented how Democrats are able to get a free pass for putting Americans last.

“At no other point in time in history. Sean, was it controversial for the leaders of a nation to put their people first,” Trump Jr. added. “Why is it now, and how do the Democrats get away with making America last as opposed to first?”

Steeve Strange

Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.

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