Elizabeth Warren Proposes $1.25 Trillion Plan For Free College And Cancellation Of Student Debt

Posted 4.22.2019 by Steeve Strange

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren took to Twitter to call for “universal free college” and cancellation of student debt for 95% of Americans.

Warren explained her plans during an CNN interview ahead of CNN’s upcoming Democratic Presidential Town Hall.

Sen. Warren’s campaign estimates that the total cost of the campaign will cost $1.25 trillion over 10 years, all of which will be paid by a new “wealth tax.”

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, another 2020 presidential candidate, has introduce legislation in the U.S. Senate to make public universities tuition free for all American families making less than $125,000 per year, as well as make community colleges tuition free for all.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (Image via Flickr)

Sen. Warren told CNN that her college plan would do more than Sen. Sanders.

Another Democratic candidate who has been a rising star as of late,
Pete Buttigieg, disagrees with Sen. Warren’s plan for tuition free college:

I think expecting someone to pay $0, might go further than what’s reasonable.

Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg (Image via Wikipedia)

Sen. Warren’s announcement sparked an intense debate on Twitter. One Twitter user, @TomForUtah, expressed his support for Warren’s plan, saying that his “generation can’t move forward because the promises we were given growing up didn’t happen.”

Well-known documentary filmmaker Mike Cernovich attacked “boomer lenders and college administrators” for creating the student-loan debt crisis.

Another Twitter asked Sen. Warren if those Americans who already paid for their own college tuition will be “reimbursed” under her plan.

CJ Pearson, a teenage conservative activist, tweeted out that conservatives need to find a “winning strategy” to win young people over to the Republican Party, instead saying “sorry, it’s your fault” to those who have student loan debt.

In addition to backing a $1.25 college trillion plan, Sen. Warren has publicly pledged her support for slavery reparations for black Americans.


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