Elizabeth Warren Says Joe Biden Won Because He Proposed The “Most Progressive Economic Platform” Ever

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who earlier ran for president in the Democratic primaries, credited Joe Biden’s White House victory — as called by major media outlets — to his progressive platforms.

In a Washington Post op-ed, the senator from Massachusetts said the former VP won in the election against incumbent President Donald Trump last week because he ran on the “most progressive economic and racial platform ever” as she listed what a Biden administration, together with his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris “should prioritize” on Day 1.

“[Biden-Harris] ran on explicit plans to create new union jobs in clean energy, increase Social Security benefits, expand health care, cancel billions of dollars in student-loan debt, hold law enforcement accountable, make the wealthy pay their fair share, tackle climate change and provide for universal child care,” the lady senator wrote.

Warren: Bold policies are popular

The former presidential candidate also cited several progressive initiatives nationwide for claiming that “bold policies” have been gaining ground among Americans.

Senator Warren said Florida became the eighth state to raise the minimum wage to US$15, Arizona voted to increase taxes on the wealthy to fund public schools and Colorado passed legislation for 12 weeks of paid family leave. She also noted how several states have passed ballot measures to legalize marijuana.

The lessons are clear, Warren added, “bold policies to improve opportunity for all Americans are broadly popular.”

She went on to say that “voters recognize that these reforms are necessary to fix what is broken in our nation.”

What Senator Warren didn’t mention, however, was that there are also critics against the progressive policies being pushed by far-left Democrats  — including calls to defund the police, the overly ambitious Green New Deal and the planned tax hikes of the potential Biden administration pegged to be as much as US$4 trillion.

Some moderate Democrats also blamed these progressive ideas partly for losing congressional seats in the election and failing to clinch the majority of the Senate — pending two Senate runoffs in Georgia next year.

Multiple reports said Senator Warren, who also ran a progressive campaign during the Democratic primaries with proposals to break-up tech giants, cancel billions worth of student loans, and promote market competition through government intervention, is also vying for a Cabinet post in the Biden-Harris administration.

Executive orders to push changes

The Massachusetts senator said in her Washington Post op-ed, that Biden should resort to executive orders and actions upon assuming the presidency in January — which meant bypassing Congress — to get things done immediately.

Among others, Senator Warren wants a Biden-Harris administration to immediately act on canceling billions in student loans, currently pegged at US$1.5 trillion, to lower drug prices, and raise the minimum wage for federal contractors.

By forgiving student loan debt, however, the federal government is expected to lose about US$85 billion in revenue, or 0.4% of GDP according to credit rater, Moody’s Analytics.

The lady senator is reportedly eyeing the Treasury Secretary job under a Biden-Harris government, the position currently held by Steven Mnuchin.

Steeve Strange

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