We Discuss The SAT ‘Adversity Score,’ Abortion, And Much More In The Newest Episode Of Our Podcast “THIQQ News With Steeve And Cam”

Posted 5.21.2019 by Steeve Strange

Hey Real News Gang! The newest episode of our podcast “THIQQ News with Steeve and Cam” is out now on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and SoundCloud!

We covered so many important news stories for you guys.

In the first segment of the show, we have a free thinker’s conversation about the College Board’s recent decision to add an ‘adversity score‘ to the SAT exam.

Next (at 18:30), we talked about the dope new music video for the mega-viral hit ‘Old Town Road‘ Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Later in the show (24:05), we explain the drama between President Trump Republican Congressman Justin Amash (who I can’t stand by the way; I also explain my personal beef with Amash, which dates back to over a year ago when I met the weirdo at a party).

For the last 34 minutes of the show (starting at 35:24), we talk about a couple news stories related to the hottest topic in American right now, Alabama’s anti-abortion law.

The first abortion related story we talked about (39:15), is President Trump’s decision to seemingly distance himself Alabama’s anti-abortion law.

Next (44:20), we spill the tea about a highly publicized Twitter feud between Migos rapper Offset and 16-year-old conservative commentator CJ Pearson, which was started by a tweet in which Offset compared Alabama’s abortion law to [slavery].

The full episode #53 is able to listen to on Apple Podcasts or SoundCloud.

Or you can watch the video version on YouTube (don’t forget to like and subscribe) below:


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