EXPOSED: Georgia Democrat State Representative Pulls A Jussie Smollett (VIDEO)

Posted 7.26.2019 by Cameron Shizznit

State representative Erica Thomas has been exposed for pushing a hate crime hoax.

The Georgia state lawmaker broadcasted on Facebook live about an altercation that occurred at a Publix grocery store over Thomas’ improper use of the express lane.  Thomas claimed in the video that a white man approached her in the store and told her to “go back to where she came from.”

The video went viral and many said that Thomas was a victim of racial discrimination.  However, Eric Sparkes, the man involved in the incident, has refuted Thomas’ claims.

A manager at the Cobb County Publix store has since said that it was actually Thomas who told Sparkes, who is actually Cuban-American, to “go back to where he came from.”

Many have pointed out the similarities with the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax.  Ironically, Thomas claimed to be Smollett’s “#biggestfan” in a tweet from 2015.

Despite the evidence against her, Thomas has not yet retracted her claims or apologized.  In a recent tweet, Thomas claimed that she has “witnesses that will testify.” However, no alleged witnesses have come forward to support Thomas’ story.


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