Facebook Says It Is Removing All Content Containing ‘Stop The Steal’

Facebook is preparing days ahead of Inauguration Day for Joe Biden and said they began preparing for Inauguration Day last year but because of last week’s incident in Washington, D.C., these next 2 weeks are being treated as a major civic event.

The phrase ‘stop the steal’ is being removed under their Coordinating Harm policy from Facebook and Instagram. The original Stop The Steal Facebook group was removed in November and they’ve continued to removed any other pages, groups and events that violate their policies that include calls for violence.

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See here for ‘Coordinating Harm and Publicizing Crime‘ policy which says “We allow people to debate and advocate for the legality of criminal and harmful activities, as well as draw attention to harmful or criminal activity that they may witness or experience as long as they do not advocate for or coordinate harm.”

Facebook said their teams are working 24/7 to enforce their policies around the inauguration and will keep their ‘Integrity Operations Center operating at least through January 22 to monitor and respond to threats in real time.

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Connecting People With “Reliable Information”

“We are also connecting people with reliable information and high-quality news about the inauguration and the transition process,” Facebook wrote.

Even after the inauguration they want to keep labels on posts that will attempt to delegitimize the election results that Joe Biden is the sitting president.

Some users called on Facebook to removed a group with 14K members and another with 1.2K members.

At the beginning of January, Facebook deleted a 1.9 million member Facebook group, ‘Joe Biden Is Not My President!’ for a second time after leftist radicals reported the group to Facebook.

Joe Visconti

Joe Visconti is the Social Media Manager at The Scoop.

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