French Police To Act On Fake Health Passes Now That They Are Checking Patrons For Vax Status

France is at the “papers, please” phase of its coronavirus social engineering.

The French morning ritual of coffee and croissants became more challenging on Monday, when customers were required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test before being allowed to sit at their favorite cafe, despite the fact that many cafes disobeyed the new laws.

To eat in a restaurant, drink in a bar, receive non-emergency care in a hospital, or travel by intercity train, a health permit is now required, as part of government mandates.

Last month, French President Emmanuel Macron issued an order: get vaccinated. As the French faced the potential of losing some of their everyday pleasures, vaccination rates soared, sparking a surge of social protests.

French citizen vaccination status is tracked using a mobile app.

“It’s simple, we have downloaded an app … so we scan the QR code of the clients, and if it’s valid, they can enter. And if it’s not valid, we cannot serve them,” said Romain Dicrescenzo, manager of the Vrai Paris cafe, told Reuters.

Discescenzo claimed he turned away dozens of people, some of whom had forgotten their passes and others who had not been vaccinated.

Reuters reported on what the government will do to dissenters. “Cafe and bar owners caught breaking the rule face a warning followed by a 7-day closure order on the second infraction. Two further contraventions could lead to a year’s jail time.”

“Those found to be in violation of the law risk a €135 fine. Three fraudulent uses of a health pass in one month can lead to six months in prison and a €3,750 fine. The managers of restaurants and other establishments who fail to check health passes more than three times in a 45-day period can be sentenced to one year in prison and a €9,000 fine,” according to Irish Times.

Similar passport-esque health cards have been established in other European nations, such as Italy, but France’s is the most oppressive. Opponents of the bill claim it restricts their freedom and discriminates against people who do not wish to take the COVID vaccine.

The French law governing the health pass requirements will be in effect until the middle of November. It also mandates that all healthcare personnel get vaccinated.


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