GA Governor’s Race Loser Stacey Abrams Says GOP Can’t Win Without Voter Suppression

Democrat Stacey Abrams who lost to Brian Kemp in the 2018 Georgia gubernation election, claims the GOP cannot win without voter suppression.

In 2018 according to VOX, “Shortly after Abrams officially ended her campaign, an organization led by Abrams’s allies and backed by the former candidate filed a lawsuit…arguing that the current system violates the constitutional rights of voters of color.”

During that same time in 2018 Abrams continued in not backing down against ‘voter suppression tactics‘ and she even claimed to being denied a ballot during early voting.

Politifact posted last year in 2019 as ‘Not provable’, “No proof of voter suppression kept Stacey Abrams from governorship, as Democrats said in Atlanta debate.”

Today Abrams claimed in the same interview that voter suppression was ‘put on its heels’ in the 2020 election through the work of other organizations.

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