Georgia Democrat Vernon Jones Slams Biden; Says Trump Is ‘Only One With Black Agenda’

Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones said President Donald Trump is gaining more support from African-Americans because of his strong record for the Black community compared to Democratic challenger, Joe Biden.

The lifelong Democrat turned Trump supporter said the incumbent Republican president is the only one with a Black agenda as he slammed both Biden and former President Barack Obama’s record.

“Anybody in their right mind knows that Joe Biden has a history of hanging out with segregationists,” Jones said during a “Fox & Friends Weekend” interview.

“He said that Black people if they don’t vote for him, they ain’t Black. He said that Black people don’t even have diverse thinking.”

The Georgia Democrat went on to say that compared to President Trump, the Democratic nominee — who has been publicly touting support for Black voters  — has done nothing for African-Americans in his 47 years in Washington.

“Joe Biden’s been around for 47 years. He has a dream. If you elect me this time, then I’ll help you, Black America. He didn’t do it when he had eight years with President Obama, a Black president. They didn’t have a Black agenda,” Jones said.

Obama, Biden didn’t do anything for Black Americans

“President Trump, on the other hand, when he stood at that church in Flint, Michigan, he said, ‘Listen, what do you have to lose?’ Four years later almost, President Trump has a track record of helping the African Americans through education, school choice, prison reform, when you look at opportunity zones, what he did for historically Black colleges,” the Black Voices for Trump advisory board member added.

“Black people are seeing President Trump as the only one who’s had a Black agenda in the past 60 years.”

The African-American lawmaker noted that former president Obama joining Biden in the last stretch of the campaign in Michigan would not help boost the Democratic nominee’s record for the Black community, nor will it help sway voters’ decisions ahead of the November 3 election.

“President Obama meant a lot to Black people, but he didn’t do a damn thing for Black people,” Jones said. “Now they’re trying to use him in the last days. That shows he has no faith in Joe Biden.”

“President Trump has made his move, and African Americans are responding to him,” he added.

The Democrat-turned Trump supporter also lashed at the mainstream media for always negatively portraying the Republican president and his accomplishments for the African-American community, which he said is a way for them to “keep Blacks on the plantation.”

Trump’s accomplishments for African-Americans

Jones earlier delivered one of the most-powerful endorsements for the incumbent Republican president when he spoke during the Republican National Convention (RNC) where he cited the numerous accomplishments of President Trump for Black Americans which he said prompted his public endorsement.

He cited the President’s support for historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), the criminal justice reform as well as the economic opportunities he created for African-Americans — including the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded among Black Americans since the 1970s.

“As you can see, I’m a man of color, and I’m a life-long Democrat too. You may be wondering, why is a life-long Democrat speaking at the RNC, that’s a fair question, and here’s your answer: the Democratic party does not want Black people to leave their mental plantation,” he said then.

African-Americans make up around 10% of the US electorate. In 2016, President Trump got only 8% of the Black vote to win against Hillary Clinton. Recent polls suggest, however, that Black support for the President is expected to increase in this election.

Steeve Strange

Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.

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