WATCH: Governor Cuomo Denies Responsibility For Catastrophic Nursing Home Deaths Despite HIS POLICY Of Forcing Nursing Homes To Accept COVID-19 Patients (VIDEO)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is under fire for a policy that forced nursing homes to take back COVID-19 positive patients.

“We lost 139 people yesterday. Who can we prosecute for those deaths? Nobody. Nobody.”

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The Democrat governor deflected responsibility by stating that nobody should be prosecuted for this and that the seniors who died of COVID were “always going to die from” the infection.

“And still people died. Still people died. Older people, vulnerable people are going to die from this virus. That is going to happen despite whatever you do. Because with all our progress as a society, we can’t keep everyone alive despite what everything you do and older people are more vulnerable,” the governor said.

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“There’s a randomness to this virus that is inexplicable. Why do people die? I mean, you can have a situation where everyone did the right thing and everyone tried their best. And people still die,” he continued.

“If the mandates that are currently in place right now that we’ve all just been talking about in here were in place from the get go, they feel that their loved ones might still be here.,” one reporter responded.

“I don’t. Look, people rationalize death in different ways. I don’t think there is any logical rationale to say they would be alive today.”

Nursing home deaths in New York comprise 20% of all COVID-19 deaths which equals to more than 5,000 dead.

In an recent interview Fox News’s Ainsley Earhardt told NY Times columnist Miranda Devine, “So the governor, on March 25th, he required nursing homes – he forced these patients to be able to be placed in nursing homes, and the hospitals were not allowed to tell the nursing homes unless the patient allowed that information to be told that they had COVID, and then it spread in these nursing homes, and then a month and a half later, he changed that. He changed his mandates, requiring hospitals to have to test negative for COVID before they allow these patients to get into the nursing homes.”

“They could have put those patients into the hospital ship, the Comfort, or the Javits Center, but instead they insisted. And so it is too little, too late. And for Andrew Cuomo just a couple of days ago to breezily tell us that old people are going to die anyway. It’s just reckless,” Devine concurred.

Meanwhile, Dr. Levine, the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health quietly extracted her mother out of a nursing home and placed her in the safety of a hotel room.

Secretary Levine shifted the blame to her mother claiming that the 95-year-old requested the extraction and that it was Levine’s duty as a child to comply.

“And now on to the frauds. Let’s start with Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine, who weeks ago ordered nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients. Well, while thousands of residents saw their loved ones and family members die, Levine quietly extracted her own mother out of harm’s way, reportedly moving her from a nursing home to a hotel,” said Fox News’s Laura Ingraham.

In a May 12th, 2020 interview, Dr. Levine is asked by a reporter from ABC 27, “Secretary, we’re hearing that you moved your mother from a nursing home to a hotel. What message does that send to the thousands of Pennsylvanians whose parents are in nursing homes but may be unable to move them out when the person in charge is overseeing nursing homes and is in charge of the state’s response to coronavirus moves out their own parent?”

“Uhmm. Well, thank you for that question. My mother requested and my sister and I, as her children complied to move her to another location during the COVID-19 outbreak. My mother is 95 years old. She is very intelligent and more than competent to make her own decisions. I remain committed to protecting residents in Pennsylvania, wherever they live and wherever they go,” replied Dr. Levine.

1,000+ protesters gathered in front of the Pennsylvania capitol to call for “locking up” Secretary Levine in response to the extraction of her mother.

“I’d rather have her mother be Health Secretary of Pennsylvania, frankly,” said Ingraham. “Well, once again, it’s liberals like Levine and her boss. It’s, you know, it’s good for thee. Same old hypocrisy. The rules are for thee, but not for me. While the little people have to suffer under their bad decisions, the connected and the powerful always have an escape hatch.”

Pennsylvania state Senator Doug Mastriano slammed Levine for a policy similar to New York Governor Cuomo’s that forced COVID-19 patients back into nursing homes.

“Our Secretary of Health, Dr. Levine, decided that it’d be good to allow COVID-positive patients to be returned to elder care facilities, and as a result of that, it broke out like fire. Those very same people, our Secretary said that are going to be vulnerable- we were told upfront, the Secretary, knew, warned us how dangerous it was for elderly and those with preexisting conditions and unleashed heck upon our dearly beloved fathers, mothers, grandmothers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. And I think that’s unconscionable. Unacceptable. And the Secretary needs to be held accountable for that awful decision. And the Governor owns this. These decisions made by the Secretary of Health that the governor is responsible for. He’s culpable and there needs to be hard decisions made by Governor Wolf. He’s allowed our secretary to make decisions that has led to the death of 2,500 people within elder care homes. I’m not OK with that, are you? So what are we going to do about it?,” asked State Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-Pennsylvania).

State Senator Mastriano also slammed Governor Tom Wolf for delaying non-COVID medical treatments while allowing abortion procedures to continue. 

“We come against the governor’s culture of death, as he told us, it’s all hands on deck. We have to shut down all surgeries and electives and procedures because we can’t have anyone exposed to the virus. Meanwhile, he says abortion’s OK. The hypocrisy, the hypocrisy of this governor to allow the murder of the unborn in the midst of a crisis when he told us that he has shut everything else down. I have constituents here. One who’s about to lose may lose an eye because of this whole thing here. There has to be treated every month. Another who has breast cancer needs treatment and everything’s put on hold. But it’s OK to go and kill a baby. That’s our governor,” Sen. Mastriano continued.

“11 counties have just said no to Governor Wolf. Isn’t that fantastic? That is you taking power back. The governor wants to hold you in bondage in chains for eternity it seems like and the counties now say no.”

Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Levine lashed out at Pittsburgh radio station KDKA-AM after radio interviewer Marty Griffin allegedly misgendered Levine on purpose.


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