‘Gun Girl’ Kaitlin Bennett SWARMED By Violent Leftists At Ohio University (WATCH)

Posted 2.18.2020 by Steeve Strange

Leftist anti-American students at Ohio University started protesting when they heard about “Kent State Gun Girl” Kaitlin Bennett’s visit on campus.

Students chanted “Sh* your pants! Sh*t your pants!” at Bennett, a reference to a debunked hoax created by the sports blog ‘Barstool Sports’ that claimed Bennett pooped her pants at a college party.

Bennett, a Second Amendment activist, claimed she visited the university campus in order to foster healthy dialogue between people who share Bennett’s conservative views and those who don’t agree with her.

Bennett rose to online fame in 2018 after a picture of her open carrying an AR-10 rifle on campus at Kent State University went viral.  The Internet gave Bennett the nickname “Kent State Gun Girl.”

Kaitlin Bennett

Joel Patrick, a Black conservative activist, got into a heated discussion with leftists when he stated that he was an American, not an African-American, due to the fact that he has never stepped foot in Africa.

As Bennett, Patrick, and their film crew exited the campus, violent leftists threw drinks at them while cussing and screaming like a bunch of children, not supposedly “educated” college students.

What’s even more disturbing is police officers in the video were shown doing absolutely nothing to stop the radical left-wing students from attempting to assault Bennett and Patrick.

Bennett promised on Twitter to return to Ohio University with “an army of gun owners.”



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