Here’s The TRUTH About The Peaceful Pro-Second Amendment Rally In Virginia That The Fake News Media Won’t Tell You (VIDEO)

Thousands of Second Amendment activists gathered at Virginia’s state capitol to stand in solidarity against Virginia’s proposed unconstitutional gun control laws.

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NBC News asked Philip Van Cleave, president of Virginia Citizens Defense League, why he attended the pro-second amendment rally: “It’s a war on people like me and other law-abiding gun owners and we’re tired of this stuff. So we’re saying no to all of that.” Van Cleave continued, “I don’t care if you’re taking my guns or the next generation. We’re not, we’re not doing it.”

Al Smith, a Virginia resident who attended the rally, said, “We wanted to come to defend our Second Amendment rights. We don’t feel like that the governor has a right to pass the laws or to enforce the laws that they want to take the guns away from us and make us register the guns. And we should feel like that’s just the beginning.”

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Protesters were not allowed to bring their weapons inside the capitol square fences due to Democrat Governor Ralph Northam’s 4-day ban of carrying weapons on capitol grounds.

Despite Governor Northam’s predictions that there would be chaotic outbursts, all 22,000 protesters rallied peacefully outside the capitol square.

Virginia’s state legislature, which has a Democrat majority, plans to enact numerous gun control measures, such as red flag laws and background checks.

President Trump tweeted an encouraging message in response to the event’s gun ban.


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