Hit Series ‘Cops’ To Return For 33rd Season On THIS Streaming Platform After Being Cancelled

COPS fans should rejoice: the popular documentary reality police program, which premiered on FOX in March 1989 and ended its run on the Paramount Network (previously Spike TV) in 2020, has been renewed for a 33rd season and will broadcast on Fox Nation this fall.

A new season of the popular television series, which will premiere in October, will follow local police officers throughout the nation as they patrol, respond to requests for assistance, and engage in other law enforcement duties. It has also included representatives from state and federal authorities, such as the United States Customs and Border Protection and the United States Marshals Service, among others.

Because of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and George Floyd protests, the series was canceled, and Fox Nation, a streaming service complementary to Fox News Channel, has stated that it would acquire the rights to the series. Fans will have the opportunity to catch up on the most recent season before viewing the new, 33rd season. The eight-episode revival season is set to premiere on Friday, October 1, with Fox Nation releasing four episodes in advance for fans to watch on their own schedule. From then on, an extra episode will be published on Fridays until Friday, October 29, when the series concludes.

Jason Klarman, President of Fox Nation, made the news, saying, “COPS is one of the most recognizable television brands, with a devoted following that is unrivaled in the industry. Because we wanted to express our gratitude to all first responders, we combined the launch with a free one-year membership in order to give back in a tiny way to those who put their lives on the line every day in order to keep us all safe.”

A total of four primetime Emmy nominations have been given to COPS. It was awarded the American Television Award for Best Reality-Based Program in 1993 for its work. In order to see the relaunch in October, sign up for Fox Nation.

Active First Responders who are presently employed as police officers, paramedics, or firemen are eligible to get one year of Fox Nation programming at no cost.

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