Idaho Senate Approves Bill To Protect Women’s Sports From Transgender Athletes

The Idaho Senate has voted in favor of a new bill that is designed to increase fairness in women’s sports. The aptly titled Fairness in Women’s Sports Act bans biological males who identify as female from competing in women’s sports.

The bill passed in the Idaho state Senate with a 24-11 vote.

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The Idaho House voted to approve a version of the bill back in February. A Senate amendment that was added to the bill must be approved by the House before it can be sent to Republican Governor Brad Little to sign into law.

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Idaho is looking to become the nation’s first state to take this all-important step towards protecting women’s sports from those who place liberal gender identity theories above proven biological science.

Left-wing transgender and LGBT activists have decried the bill. They are looking to shame the Idaho legislative members who have aimed to protect the state’s women. “This is downright shameful,” said GLSEN, a United States organization whose intended goal is to include LGBT education in K-12 schools.

GLSEN is complaining about the Senate bill, claiming that it was passed in hopes of singling out transgender students for discrimination.

The bill was not passed in hopes of curtailing LGBT rights or transgender activism. The state of Idaho is simply looking to offer female athletes the protection that they deserve. If bills like these are not passed, many experts believe that biological women are going to be completely excluded from women’s sports in the coming years.

This issue is going to be discussed in states all over the country. Vox, a left-wing media conglomerate, also tried to shame Idaho for their decision.

Vox claims that Idaho is too consumed by this bill to care about the coronavirus pandemic. This ridiculous claim comes despite the fact that Idaho only has seven known coronavirus cases at this time.

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