Indian Intelligence Suspects ISIS Behind Easter Church Bombings In Sri Lanka, Over 200 Dead

Posted 4.21.2019 by Steeve Strange

8 separate blasts have killed over 200 people and injured nearly 500 more in 3 churches and 3 hotels in the Southeast Asian country of Sri Lanka during suspected suicide bombings.

According to an Indian intelligence officer who wished to remain unidentified, the attacks look like the work of the terrorist group ISIS:

If you observe the pattern of the attack it is a classic Islamic State attack. A collective of people has been targeted using explosives. The government is working closely with Sri Lanka to get to the bottom of this. As of now, we are strongly suspecting IS because of the nature of the attack, but forensics will try to establish the explosive used, and the kind of detonator and other details to get to the bottom of this.

The Indian intelligence officer added that the sites of the attack were chosen with “great care so as to garner international attention. A coordinated blast on Easter has massive religious ramifications as well.”

Another senior official, who also did not wish to be identified, said,

Two things must be kept in mind: We just know it was a suicide bombing but we don’t know who has done this. A lot of young men from the Indian subcontinent and areas such as Indonesia have been inducted by the IS to conduct such operations. That has yet to be established as to who was behind the attack.

Many celebrities and politicians reacted to the horrific terrorist attack on Twitter.

ISIS has not claimed responsibility for the attacks as of yet. However, it is pretty clear that whoever carried out these attacks on Christian churches on Easter Sunday meant to put fear into the minds of Christians around the globe.


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