Instagram Gives Lame Excuse And Apologizes After Suspending Account Of Grieving Mother Who Lost Son In Afghanistan Terror Attack

Instagram has issued an apology to a Gold Star mother who lost her son in last week’s terror attack on Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport after suspending her account.

Shana Chappell, mother of slain 20-year-old Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, has been firing angry words at President Joe Biden on social media — blaming the Democrat president for the untimely death of her young Marine son.

The Facebook-controlled social media then shut down her account, but after backlash, Instagram told The Washington Examiner that Chappell’s account had been suspended in “error.” 

“We express our deepest condolences to Ms. Chappell and her family. Her tribute to her heroic son does not violate any of our policies,” Instagram reportedly said in a statement.

Chappell raised the suspension of her account from the platform on Monday, lashing at Instagram for shutting down her account over her posts seeking accountability for the death of her son and blasting President Biden’s handling of the US exit in Afghanistan.

“It seems Instagram took it upon themselves to delete my account because I am assuming it was because I gained so many followers over my son’s death due to Biden’s negligence, ignorance and him being a traitor!” Chappell wrote in a Facebook post.

“I’m gonna assume that Facebook is gonna delete me next! Funny how these leftist one-sided pieces of crap don’t want the truth to come out!” she added.

In her earlier posts on Instagram, Chappell shared her interaction with Biden when they received the remains of her son, Nikoui, at Dover Air Base on Sunday.

Chappell said her son’s blood was on Biden’s hands.

[President Biden] This msg is for you! I know my face is etched into your brain! I was able to look you straight in the eyes yesterday and have words with you. After I lay my son to rest you will be seeing me again! Remember i am the one who stood 5 inches from your face and was letting you know i would never get to hug my son again, hear his laugh and then you tried to interrupt me and give me your own sob story and i had to tell you “that this isn’t about you so don’t make it about you!!!” she wrote.

“You then said you just wanted me to know that you know how I feel and I let you know that you don’t know how I feel and you do not have the right to tell me you know how I feel! U then rolled your f***ing eyes in your head like you were annoyed with me and I let you know that the only reason i was talking to you was out of respect for my son.”

“The only reason why, I then proceeded to tell you again how you took my son away from me … and I let you know my son’s blood was on your hands and you threw your hand up behind you as you walked away from me like you were saying ‘Ok whatever!!!”

Chappell went on to berate Biden saying: “You turned your back on my son, on all of our Heros!!! You are leaving the White House one way or another because you do not belong there! My son’s blood is on your hands!!! All 13 of them, their blood is on your hands!!!!”

“If my president Trump was in his rightful seat then my son and the other Heros would still be alive!!!! You will be seeing me again very soon!!! Btw as my son and the rest of our fallen Heroes were being taken off the plane yesterday, I watched you disrespect us all 5 different times by checking your watch!!! What the f*** was so important that you had to keep looking at your watch????” she concluded.

Last week, Nikoui was killed in a terror assault on Karzai by the Islamic State offshoot ISIS-K. Nikoui and a dozen other US military men, as well as hundreds of Afghan civilians, were killed when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives vest at one of the airport’s major gates. 

In social media posts and television interviews, Chappell and her husband have been vocal in their condemnation of Biden.

During the ceremony at Dover Air Force Base, where Biden met with the families of the American military men and women killed in the Kabul terrorist attack, the sister of one of the soldiers killed in Afghanistan also shouted angry words at Biden: “I hope you burn in hell! That was my brother!”

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