Is Censorship Starting? FB Page Belonging To Waukesha Alleged Killer Is Gone, Here Are The Disturbing Screenshots Of What He Posted

Darrell Brooks Jr., the Waukesha Killer, has mysteriously had his Facebook page removed this afternoon. Brooks’ Facebook was a landmine full of incredibly offensive, politically dissident, and vulgar content. Brooks Jr. is currently being charged with 5 counts of murder.

We have screenshots of all the notoriously extreme posts that Brooks would put out. Brooks would consistently push black supremacist, racist, anti-white, anti-Trump, and pro-Malcolm X views.

One Facebook post shows an image of shirtless white men picking cotton while a black man has a belt in the air, preparing to whip them. A transparent image of Martin Luther King Jr., smiling in approval, is in the sky. Brooks’ caption for the post was “#butchuonhearmetho” which is slang for “but you do not hear me though”.

Another post contains a graphic of a white man auctioning off black slaves with a caption saying, “DID YOU KNOW: Black Friday stemmed from slavery? It was the day after Thanksgiving when slave traders would sell slaves for a discount to asset plantation owners with more helpers for the upcoming winter (for cutting and stacking fire wood, winterproofing, etc., hence the name…”. The post’s caption says “have fun supporting your master’s day of shopping” with two gun emojis.

Another post shows that Brooks hold deep anti-police sentiments. One meme posted shows a policeman training aspiring policemen with a caption that says, “Repeat after me. ‘I thought he had a gun’,’He reached for his waistband’, ‘I feared for my life’. These three phrases will ensure that you can kill anyone you want, and no jury will convict you.”

Another post by Brooks shows his anti-America rhetoric. He posted a graphic of a black man’s wrists held together, as if in handcuffs, by the American flag. The graphic said, “This is not the land of the free & the home of the brave. It’s the land of the stolen & home of the slave”.

Another post supporting the idea that Brooks held anti-white police officer sentiments is obvious in a post where a graphic of a police car with Ku Klux Klan and Confederate Flag symbols are present.

Another image posted by Brooks supports black supremacy and the black power movement. Brooks posted a graphic which contains a quote about Ancient Kemet that reads, “‘Land of blacks’ – This black civilization would contribute enormously to human history. However Europeans would make it an agenda to deny blacks credit of this history”.

Another Facebook image posted showed members of militant Black Panther groups armed with heavy artillery with the caption, “This could be us but y’all scared”.


Another graphic Brooks posted shows a white man whipping a black man with the words, “White folks and 400 years of white folks – Jesus and white folks Bible – and white folks teaching black folks lies and self-hatred – and white folks practicing their white christianity – beatings – rapes and crucifying – to press black people 400 years is why we have a race of brainwashed negroes – brain damage”.


Brooks’ support for BLM was obvious with him reposting a Facebook post of a Watermelon with BLM and a fist carved into it with the caption saying, “Black Lives Matter – My Black Is Beautiful…My Black Is Kreative…My Black Is Fruity”


Brooks also posted an anti-semitic image with the 12 tribes of Israel which claim American blacks to be the real descendents of Judah with the caption for the post reading “#gang”.


Lastly, in one of Brooks’ Facebook posts, he calls for violence against white people, especially targeting the elderly, saying, “so when we start back knokkin white ppl TF out ion wanna hear it..the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD”.

Brooks killed 5 individuals, all over the age of 51 on Sunday. Get the full scoop on the Waukesha massacre here.

Stay tuned to The Scoop for any updates.

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