Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife Gets $35.6 Billion In Divorce Settlement (VIDEO)

Posted 4.05.2019 by Steeve Strange

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Mackenzie Bezos’ divorce settlement with her now ex-husband, Jeff Bezos, is worth $35.6 billion.  The settlement makes Mackenzie Bezos the 4th richest woman in the world.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos will keep 75% of the Amazon shares he owned prior to the divorce.  Jeff Bezos was awarded voting power over all of the Amazon shares Mackenzie Bezos owns. Jeff Bezos also received all of Mackenzie Bezos’ holdings in the Washington Post.

Mackenzie Bezos announced on Twitter that she is “happy” with the settlement.  Mackenzie Bezos added that she is “grateful” to be finished with the divorce process.

On Twitter, Jeff Bezos commended Mackenzie Bezos for being a good mother and partner.  Jeff Bezos added that he is looking forward to being a co-parent with Mackenzie Bezos.

Jeff Bezos remains the richest person in the world and Amazon’s largest shareholder.


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