Jim Jordan Explodes On Democrats For Vote To “Cancel” Marjorie Taylor Greene

Representative Jim Jordan went off on cancel culture and how the last 4 years ago Dems pushed and peddled a Russian hoax theory that came up with zero collusion.

“Everyone has said things they wish they didn’t say, everyone has done things they wish they didn’t do. So who’s next? Who will the cancel culture attack next?” said Jordan.

Rep. Jordan brought up the former New York Times editor Bari Weiss who was not a conservative but she had to reign for engaging in wrong think/ wrong speak.

NY Times wrote about Ms. Weiss, “has been known to question aspects of social justice movements that have taken root in recent years. She was critical of a woman who described an uncomfortable encounter with the comedian Aziz Ansari and questioned whether the sexual assault charges leveled against Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh should disqualify him from the post.”

Based on the NY Times article about Ms. Weiss, it is obviously clear she engaged in wrong think for even questioning a different idea and Rep. Jordan knows that cancel culture will not just come after Republicans.

Recently Breitbart reported, “Saturday Hight Live” Under Fire For Skit Slammed As ‘Transphobic because an SNL cast member Michael Che joked about Biden calling a policy on transgender people in the military, ‘Don’t ask, don’t tuck’

Rep. Jim Jordan is absolutely right on how cancel culture will come after us all.

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