Joe Rogan Explains Why He’d “Vote For Trump Over Biden”

Joe Rogan, the world-famous comedian, UFC commentator, actor, and podcaster, made headlines earlier this year when he endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

In fact, Rogan’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders reportedly caused far-left socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to publicly distance herself from the Sanders.

However, in recent days, it has become obvious that senile 77-year-old Joe Biden will become the Democrat Party nominee, especially now that socialist Bernie Sanders has finally suspended his campaign for president.

The rapid downfall of Bernie Sanders has left Rogan with a big decision to make, one that he seems to be struggling with. In fact, during a recent podcast with guest Eric Weinstein of Thiel Capital, Rogan stated that the Democratic party had “made us all morons,” by making Biden the nominee. He went on to say in the interview, “I’d rather vote for Trump than him. I don’t think he can handle anything. You’re relying entirely on his cabinet.”

Over the course
of the interview, Rogan pointed out many reasons why many Americans, including
a large portion of Bernie Sanders supporters, are terrified of the idea of a
Biden presidency.

Rogan went on
to discuss how previous presidents had aged so much during their first years in
office, yet Trump doesn’t seem to have aged at all during his first 3 years,
indicating that he’s almost built to handle these types of challenges on a
daily basis.

Weinstein suggested agreed that Trump appears to even thrive on the stress and demands of life as President. Even as a self-proclaimed and admitted germophobe, President Trump has been delivering daily briefings and going to bat for the American people with this war against the pandemic.

Here’s the interview:

Rogan’s decision
to publicly support Trump over Biden is important because Rogan is arguably the
most popular podcast host in the history of podcasting.  His YouTube channel ‘PowerfulJRE’ has nearly
8 million subscribers.  In 2017 and 2018,
‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ was Apple’s second most downloaded podcast in the

Joe Rogan’s
decision to vote for Trump over Biden is a reflection of Trump’s appeal to a
broad range of voters.  Rogan is the
furthest thing from a traditional conservative Republican voter; he is a frequent
user of hardcore recreational drugs like DMT and is very liberal on nearly
every issue except gun rights.

Despite being a self-described liberal, Rogan is always willing to have an open and honest conversation about what he believes is best for our country.  And a President Biden, who is obviously suffering from extreme dementia that is only going to continue to get worse each year, would not be best for our country.

Free thinkers understand this.

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