Kanye West: It’s A “Form Of Slavery” To Say Black People Have To Vote Democrat (VIDEO)

Kanye West called out liberals who bullied him for supporting President Trump in front of thousands of people at his ‘Sunday service’ in Salt Lake City, Utah.

West touched on a few different subjects during this Sunday service, including his belief that social media is being used to control people with ‘likes.’

West also talked about the incarceration rate of African Americans, saying that 1 in 3 African Americans is currently incarcerated.

President Trump, with the support of Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, passed the ‘First Step Act,’ which aims to reduce the rate at which felons return to prison and helps recently released inmates re-join the public.

West also told the crowd during ‘Sunday service’ that he wanted to change one of his signature taglines, ‘Thank you Kanye,’ and instead make it directed towards Jesus Christ.

Kanye has performed his ‘Sunday services’ all around the nation.  The rapper recently said that he will only be making gospel music from now on.

West has mentioned his faith in many songs, including his first hit single ‘Jesus Walks.’

West’s newest album, which is expected to be released very soon, is called ‘Jesus is King.’



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