Korean YouTuber Says White People ‘Don’t Deserve’ Braids

Posted 4.23.2019 by Cameron Shizznit

Korean YouTuber ‘Xoxosophia’ triggered the outrage mob by apparently culturally appropriating black culture by giving herself box braids or what they call in Korea ‘reggae hair.’

Xoxosophia then made an apology/educational video about the history and importance of box braids and dreadlocks to African-American culture.

Xoxosophia’s full video can be seen here:

A tweet thread, which has since been deleted, went viral featuring several highlight moments from Xoxosophia’s video.

The word “cultural appropriation” appears a lot in the comments. Think of it as abuse of cultures. This hairstyle has been around for a very long time, and historically meaningful to the black culture. However, in US there are still cases where people with these hairstyles experience discrimination. If people of other race wear these hair people do it to look cool, but when black people wear it they get kicked out from work. So I made a conclusion to thoroughly learn their cultures.

On Instagram, Xoxosophia posted a picture of her wearing her blonde braids with the caption “Dear white people, Plz don’t tell me about my hair. Cuz you don’t deserve it🤗 ”

Image via Instagram @xoxosophia_

The comments she received from the Black community on Twitter and YouTube were overwhelmingly positive after her video with praise like, “Sis did her research I’m not mad at all 👏👏,” flooded in the comment section.

One exciting thing from all this is that ‘xoxosophia’ has actually figured out how to beat the outrage mob, so what can we all learn from this? Well there are two different rules to abide by if you want to avoid a vicious online outrage mob. The first one is you cannot be white (which is the largest sin in today’s society for some dumb reason🙄) and number two, you need to post a video of yourself to YouTube doing an expansive educational lesson about African Culture, then finally you are allowed to appropriate Black culture whenever you want. You did it, you’ve earned a Cultural Appropriation Pass!


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