Logan Paul Releases Flat-Earth Documentary (VIDEO)

Posted 3.21.2019 by Steeve Strange

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Logan Paul just released his highly anticipated documentary about flat-earthers.

After months of teasing the project, Paul finally released the documentary on March 20th.

Paul went undercover at the Flat Earth International Conference in Denver, Colorado.  Paul and his crew interviewed many flat-earthers about their weird beliefs.

Paul’s presence at the Flat Earth International Conference stirred up controversy because some attendees felt as if it was the setup to a massive prank.

‘The Flat Earth Society’ issued the following statement about Logan Paul’s documentary:

As of the time of publishing this statement, TFES has not been in contact with Logan Paul, and we have no intention of offering him membership or otherwise affiliating with him. Claims that Logan Paul is a member of TFES or that he may be considered for membership are untrue.

Oof, not even the freak show known as ‘The Flat Earth Society’ wants anything to do with Logan Paul.

According to ‘Scientific American,’ between 1-2% of Americans believe the earth is flat.


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