Migos Rapper ‘Offset’ Gets Into Heated Twitter Battle With Teen Conservative Commentator CJ Pearson Over Abortion Laws

CJ Pearson, a 16-year-old conservative commentator, was involved in a heated Twitter battle with popular Migos rapper, Offset.

The battle started Saturday when Offset, 27, tweeted out his belief that the new restrictive abortion laws that have been recently passed in several states are “slavory” [sic].

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Offset tweeted, “New laws is slavory. To force a rape victim to keep a child is SLAVORY. IM NOT PROUD TO SAY IM FROM AMERICA!!!”

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Pearson responded to Offset’s tweet by attacking the rapper for his widely publicized infidelity issues that he has with his wife, rapper Cardi B, as well as mocking Offset for his repeated misspelling of the word “slavery.”

Pearson tweeted, “Offset – in between cheating on your wife @iamcardib – I hope you take the time to pick up a dictionary. It’s slavery, not slavory.

Pearson also called out Offset for saying he isn’t proud to be from America: “And if you’re not proud to be an American: leave.”

The Migos star responded to Pearson’s diss early Sunday morning.  Offset told Pearson that he needs to ask himself why he as a black man can support Republicans and Trump given that in Offset’s mind, Republicans and Trump “give a fuk about abortions more then black men gettin kill and targeted by police.”

Pearson quickly tweeted back at Offset with a history lesson on the Democratic and Republican Parties.  Pearson said, “Offset – you must not be familiar with the history of the Democratic Party? It was the Democrats that enslaved us. It was the Democrats that segregated us. It was the Republicans that freed us.”

Pearson added that he “refuse[s] to support the party that put us in chains.”

Pearson followed up with a separate tweet to Offset.  Pearson told Offset “black unemployment is at the lowest rate in our nation’s history” under President Trump.

Pearson added that “middle class blacks, under this President, are thriving.”

Pearson concluded the tweet by asking Offset, “Why should rappers like yourself and ball players have the only chance at acquiring wealth within our community?”

Pearson later tweeted that he has received “countless death threats, racial slurs, and messages from those wishing rape upon my mother from fans of [Offset].”

Pearson posted screenshots of extremely offensive Twitter DMs he received from four defenders of Offset.

One mentally unstable Twitter user named LiAngelo Medrano DMed Pearson, “I hope your sister or daughter gets raped.”

Another deranged Twitter user messaged Pearson to tell him that he is a “fucking disgrace and an uncle tom.”

A Twitter user named Piero Ruggiero made disturbing racist comments about Pearson’s appearance, calling Pearson an “ugly blackie.”

Pearson, an entrepreneur, capitalized on the attention that his Twitter battle with Offset was receiving by plugging his new clothing brand, Figures.

Pearson tweeted, “While do-nothing rappers focus on spending their Sunday attacking me, I’m focusing on doing something positive. I founded my clothing brand, Figures, to inspire other people to work hard and take entrepreneurial risks.”

This isn’t the first time that Pearson has been involved with a Twitter beef with a high-profile rapper. In February, Pearson and rapper YBN Nahmir exchanged Twitter blows after Nahmir attacked Pearson for condemning fake hate crime hoax perpetrator Jussie Smollett.

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